31 March 2009

Bertolli Baked Bites - Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper (Asda)

I am always curious about baked 'crisps' as an alternative to the usual fried variety. I was particularly worried with these as they are labelled on the back of the packet as 'mini biscuits', which didn't imply that they were thin and crispy.
As it turns out, the snack did have a thin crispy texture which I really liked. The fact that they are made with Bertolli Olive Oil does seem to improve both the texture and flavour compared to other baked snacks I've tried.
I chose the sweet chilli and red pepper flavour, and they did taste remarkably nice and Mediterranean. I noticed hints of tomato, herbs and paprika adding to the rich taste of peppers. However, where was the chilli? I could barely notice it. There seems to be a theme with snack manufactures steering away from chilli with a burn, in case it is too much for consumer’s taste buds. However if you are buying a snack labelled as 'chilli flavoured' isn't it reasonable to assume that the purchaser likes a little heat? Anyway the product itself makes a really very nice snack full of Italian flavours, but I was rather disappointed at the lack of chilli.

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