1 April 2009

Milka White and Rice (Germany)

Of all the fabulous Milka bars sent to me, this was the biggest! It isn’t just a longer bar compared to that of a standard Milka bar, the chocolate is also much thicker and the pieces are quite chunky. It is in fact a huge bar, and each chunk takes quite a hearty bite.
When I first tucked in I was expecting the rice to be like that in a rice crispy breakfast cereal, but this contained puffed rice like that in sugar puffs. Actually the word ‘contained’ doesn’t do this bar justice, it is packed with puffed rice! The chocolate itself is a creamy and sweet white chocolate base. It is of a really good quality with a lot of tone within the flavour. The rice breaks up the chocolate nicely, and as the grains are so plentiful the chocolate bar feels like an amazing naughty treat, and a pleasure to eat.


lindsay said...

oo, ive been wanting a good white choc bar, and my friend leaves for germany on friday... :)

(btw, ive been following you for a while but only recently remembered my login!)

cinabar said...

It just isn't fair that Germany get all the ace Milka flavours.

Good to hear that you follow my blog, I'm really pleased people enjoy reading it. :-)