5 April 2009

Nestle Aero White Choc Bubbly Dessert (Asda)

White chocolate mousse is a fantastic concept, and it wasn’t too long ago I was frustrated that I couldn’t find any in the shops anymore. Milky Bar desserts have been available for some time now, and are really nice, but aren’t a mousse as such.
Don’t worry though, this is the real deal. Sweet, fluffy and creamy white chocolate mousse, but rippled with a darker chocolate sauce. The rippling idea is genius, and it does make the pudding look very appetising and pretty in the pot. There is a good taste of white chocolate too, which is lovely and light without being over rich.
I guess it is a clever way to represent Aero, as the fact that it is a mousse means you really can feel the bubbles melt!

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