15 April 2009

Milka Amavel a la Birne – Mandel [Mousse with Pear and Almond] (Germany)

This is one of the Milka bars where the pieces are triangular shaped and contain a mousse as a filling, rather like the Orange Milka bar I wrote about a little while ago. This bar is made up of milk chocolate with a pear and almond flavour centre.
Okay, I will start with one small negative aspect about this bar and that is that the almond flavour is barely noticeable, I wouldn’t have noticed it at all if it hadn’t been mentioned on the packaging. Okay that is the negative part aside, and it is easy to push to one side as the bar itself is gorgeous. The milk chocolate is enhanced by the fruity centre, which isn’t overpowering, but adds a lovely hint of pear. It is a natural taste, with a soft sweet tone. This chocolate bar just works, the fruity mousse is just spot, and the flavours are balanced and mingle perfectly.
It becomes clear that flavour such as this work, and yet many other manufacturers never seem to get any further than chocolate and orange, I do wish they would be a little more adventurous.

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