17 April 2009

No Junk Organic Cocoa Cookie Bites [Organix] (Sainsbury's)

This is another of those products that prides itself on its ingredients, the 'no junk' philosophy means that the product is even approved by the Soil Association Organic Standard.
They are packaged in small bags each containing six mini cookies. When I opened the packet the most noticeable aroma was that of orange and chocolate biscuits. Orange isn't mentioned prominently on the packaging, but I did notice that orange oil is in the ingredients so that would explain the smell.
The biscuits themselves are disappointing, and nothing special. Despite the fact that they contain currants, orange oil and grape juice they are not very sweet. Palm oil seems to be the butter replacement, but the biscuits are still quite dry and with firm texture that could almost meet the label of being stodgy. The biscuits have a nice concept behind them, but aren't quite tasty enough to make them a repurchase.


Katie said...

In my opinion, if your going to have a biscuit, have a bloody biscuit, and eat proper fruit and veg the rest of the time.

Derval said...

The texture could be down to the fact that they are designed for young children/toddlers who tend to hold a biccy & gum/suck it over time, so the product needs to be drier than you as an adult might like. Sure you wouldn't eat a Liga would you?

cinabar said...

Derval - these biscuits are are new from Organix and are aimed at 'older children' or lunch box treats, but without the 'treat' element! But yes, the rest of their products are for little ones. Older children I suspect would want something sweeter, well okay I know I would want something sweeter! :-)

Katie - quite right!