22 April 2009

Hershey’s Miniatures (Selfridges)

Well as promised after trying Hershey’s Symphony, I have decided to give Hershey’s chocolate another chance. I opted for a mixed bag of miniature Hershey’s bars, labelled as ‘A little something for everyone’. I felt that a mix bag would give me a quick introduction to several of their bars. The bars contained in the bag are:

Hershey’s Original
The chocolate isn’t smooth and creamy, and it just doesn’t taste like a luxury. I so want to be nice, but the short story is that I don’t like this chocolate. My tastes buds cannot get past the sour milk flavour that just lingers.

Mr Goodbar
This consists of Hershey’s chocolate and peanuts, the peanuts do help the flavour.

Hershey’s chocolate and rice crispies, which I think add a little sweetness too.

Hershey’s Special Dark
The extra cocoa does deviate a little from the strong Hershey’s flavour, but it still isn’t something I would rush to re-purchase.

I feel like I have given Hershey’s a go and that I have discovered that I am not keen on their chocolate. When it is mixed with something it improves wholeheartedly, but on its own it’s not for me. I would welcome other people’s opinion on it.


lindsay said...

Being in the US, Hersheys is a very popular chocolate. I was never a fan of chocolate, to be honest. Though I did love the Mr. Goodbars! I do know people who love Hersheys, so hmm. I have a friend who is German but grew up in the US and was used to Hersheys, but after having some chocolate from her homeland now refuses to eat it!

Emily said...

I bought these in New York and thought they strangely tasted of cheese. Have you tried one of Willie Harcourt Coozes' chocolate bars yet? They sell them in Selfridges and they are £3.99 each. At that price I can't see him converting the milk choccie loving British public!

NLi10 said...

Most of the American Choc i've tried (mostly Canadian due to relations) is sweet and a bit stale tasting.

I think it's less cocoa but I'm not sure why, maybe it's to stop it melting so fast!

Chocolate is best on a little stick anyway. Although I've not bought any of the UK Mikado yet.

cinabar said...

Well I passed some Hershey's chocolate round work today, and here are some comments from the people I work with:

"an after taste of nappies"
"better than Polish chocolate"

That last comment needs further exploration - going to have to find me some Polish chocolate.

Emily - I have tried looking for Willie Harcourt's in Waitrose but they had sold out - thanks for the tip about Selfridges, I will check it out when I am next in Brum.

i♥pinkc00kies said...

love this.. esp. mr. Goodbar and Krackel =)