7 April 2009

M&Ms Milkshake [Super Thick Shake] (Makro)

It must be nearly summer if the market for cool milky drinks is increasing. This is a wonderfully enticing and nicely packaged M&M flavoured milkshake. To be honest though M&M flavoured just means chocolate flavoured, but I don’t want to distract from this tempting product. Besides it comes with a small bag of M&Ms, which you can either eat or mix in with the shake, which re-enforces the branding.
The packet describes the shake as thick enough to stand your straw in and indeed it is! Actually the straw that is given has a spoon shape on one end and is telescopic, the combination of these two factors means that it is impossible to drink the last centimetre of liquid!
The shake itself is a lovely thick chocolate gloopy drink with a wonderful rich cocoa taste. As it is so thick, it takes more than a little effort to drink, but it makes it feel like a real treat. For the record I ate the M&Ms separately, which added to the indulgence, but I also wasn’t convinced they’d fit through the straw. Maybe I will have to buy another shake just to check out that theory..?


C2L said...

I believe that is a flying cup?!?!

How did you not notice something that special about the product!

cinabar said...

lol - Well spotted! I purchased one of these milkshakes in a Twix variety too. I will make sure that when I blog about that, I show it floating too! ;-)