24 April 2009

Cadbury’s Cake Bars - Fudge (Sainsbury’s)

This is a limited addition to Cadbury’s cake bar range. It is in combination with a Cadbury's Fudge bar, and contains a layer of fudge within the cake. The cake itself is a chocolate sponge coated in a chocolate coating. The first thing that I noticed when I bit in was that the bar is much firmer than that of other cake bars I have tried. It is not tough or bad in any way, but it does feel more substantial in the mouth. Having said that the layer of fudge is not all that thick and the flavour isn't overly strong. It adds a nice hint of fudge to the chocolate and sponge and works very well. Cadbury's fudge isn’t as buttery as some other fudges which is an advantage as the cake isn’t too rich in flavour. It makes a nice addition to the range and it is a shame it isn’t permanent.


Emily said...

So how long are they doing this product for? I have tried other Cadbury cake bars but found them quite dry.

cinabar said...

You never can tell how long a Limited Edition will sell for, but my guess is that it won't be too much longer as they were already reduced in Sainsbury's.