12 April 2009

Lindt Milk Chocolate Lindor Egg (Selfridges)


I suspect that this will be the last of the small eggs I review, but I would like to point out that as of tomorrow all of them are likely to be reduced in price in the shops!
This particular egg is from the same range as the Lindt Dark one I mentioned a few days back, but this is the milk chocolate version. The filling is a wonderful silky rich milk chocolate truffle and it is encased in a fine milk chocolate shell. It is a fair bit richer than the dark chocolate egg, and it seems more indulgent as there is a creamier flavour.


Emily said...

I adore Lindt's Lindor range. Have you tried the truffle balls in all the different flavours. Original milk is the best, I think. But peanut butter and dark are also great. the do mint, raspberry, hazlenut, white and orange too. Look out for the special Xmas and Halloween versions too!

kerstin said...

These eggs are amazing and thank you for performing this public service in mentioning that they will probably be reduced in price.