10 April 2009

Go Ahead Muesli Fingers (Sainsbury’s)

These are available in several flavours and I bought both the “Cranberry and Sultana” and the “Apple and Sultana” varieties to try. It has to be said that these are healthier options on the snacking front. The come packaged with two ‘fingers’ per sachet, and a note that each finger has just 46 kcals.
In flavour both varieties are nice and fruity, with a good taste of sultanas in both. I preferred the cranberry pack as it was the sweetest, but the apple still had a good natural taste. The consistency was a bit of a let down though, as the bars were rather tough. I realise that they are packing lots of oats and muesli in which contributes to this, but I would have preferred something softer. To combat this problem I resorted to dunking them in my coffee, and that worked remarkably well! It tasted as good as dunking a bad-for-me fruit biscuit, but without the guilt!


Katie said...

nice to see new low cal snacks. I eat pink n white jammy marshmallow wafers, at 55cals, school fruit bars, and mini milks (only 30 cals!!!). Also sugar free jelly is virtually calorie free!

cinabar said...

I will keep my eye out other low calorie treats. I love the ice lollies that are just pure fruit juice and sugar free Angel Delight (made with skimmed milk) as some of my not too bad for me snacks. Bad time to be thinking about this, it is Easter - and I am surrounded by chocolate!!! :-D