26 April 2009

Kshocolat Little Black Box Mintettes (House of Fraser)

Well I found these choccies in a smallish box in a department store, and my first thought was that they were posh Poppets. Which reminds me, I am desperately seeking the new Poppets Choc Chip Cookie variety, which sound amazing!
Anyway, back on topic. These choccies come in several different varieties including chocolate coated coffee beans and honeycomb, and are in a small black snack size box. The product itself consists of a dark chocolate shell with a mint truffle inside. The contents consist of small round pieces, less than a centimetre apart and each one is quite firm. The truffle has a good flavour, but I still would have preferred it a little stronger. The dark chocolate is nice, but the chocolates are glazed which means if you suck them you become immediately aware of a layer on each chocolate. Pleasant enough as a product though, but not better than mint Poppets. I bought a couple of other boxes to try from this range. I will see how I get on with them and let you know.


  1. Look cute. This brand made the best Easter eggs ever. You got a box of six smallish chocolate eggs, each in their own individual egg cup. You pop one in the microwave and then lop off the top of the egg and dunk in the specially provided lemon biscuits. How cool is that? Did you see them?

  2. Oh my word, how did I miss them - they sound fantastic!! A really novel idea for an Easter Egg.

  3. They were amazing. They also did Square Easter Eggs - think they were in John Lewis. Nice to see some different stuff from boring eggs. And they weren't expensive. :)

  4. I didn't see Kshocolat's version but I do remember a few years ago Cadbury's released a square egg, think they called it Squegg or Squeg?


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