30 April 2009

Elizabethan – Orange, Honey and Ginger Marmalade (Kenilworth Castle)

I picked this up on a lovely trip to Kenilworth Castle (definitely worth a visit should you be considering it). I do have to say though that I have seen this variety of preserves in quite a few National Trust gift shops and have been meaning to purchase some for a while.
It is a good thick marmalade that actually requires a little effort with the knife to tease it out of the jar, but it does spread acceptably well. In terms of taste it is full of flavour and rather zesty. There is a nice hint of ginger in the main flavour that adds a pleasant spice and is balanced off by sweet honey in the aftertaste. If this is an original recipe from Elizabethan times, then it is fair to say the Elizabethans knew a few things about marmalade!

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