29 April 2009

Smoked Tabasco Sauce – [140th Anniversary] Smoked Red Chipotle Jalapeños (Selfridges)

This sauce is a special edition brought out to celebrate 140 years of Tabasco sauce. Unlike the Tobasco sauce I know and love, this isn’t meant for splashing, it is a pouring sauce. So, unlike regular Tabasco it isn’t watery, it is thicker like a light Ketchup.
I decided to try it out with some cheese on toast. I poured a big dollop on the side of my plate and put a lashing of it on my fork. Then I tensed, if the sauce was as hot as I feared then I may end up looking for ice cubes, but nothing ventured nothing gained.
The heat from the chilli was not as bad as I suspected, it is a hot sauce, but good and tangy rather than eye watering. The sauce has a fantastic smoky flavour too, it’s not sweet like barbecue sauce, it is more edgy and flavoursome.
I did purchase this in Selfridges in their import section, but it is also available through Ocado for those of you who shop online. It is well worth seeking out!

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