23 April 2009

Seriously Creamy Malaysian Coconut and Lime Ice Cream (Waitrose)

I don’t think that this is a new product, but as I previously mentioned the warmer weather has seen me checking out the ice cream section of the supermarket. I certainly haven’t tried this variety before, so it is a new product to me.
It is an own brand, but not a flavour that I’ve seen before. Within the tub is some lovely creamy coconut ice cream, rippled with a lime sauce. The coconut is very smooth and velvety, and the lime adds the necessary zing, and I love the contrast in flavours. The combination is spot on and the flavours taste fresh, without being overly sweet. A grown up refreshing treat that personifies summer, it is fantastic.


  1. I adore coconut icecream. I esp love Bounty icecreams but this looks and sounds great. Off to Waitrose me thinks...

  2. You know when I bought it, I hadn't intended to blog about it, but I just absolutely adored it!


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