8 April 2009

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Layered Cookies (Selfridges)

The product is in a very sweetly sized snack pack, which comprises of four biscuits. Each one is designed to look like some chunks of actually Hershey’s chocolate sandwiching a cream filling.
They seem to be quite similar to Oreos to me, except for the fact that the inside of each biscuit is coated in milk chocolate. Despite the references to milk chocolate, the biscuit layers are actually quite dark, and have a nice strong cocoa flavour. The filling is looser than an Oreo, but just as creamy, rich and tasty. The added layer of chocolate between the biscuits really adds to the sweetness of the flavour and I thought it was a good addition. I haven't had any Hershey's chocolate for a while, but I do remember thinking that it had a strange after taste when I last tried it. I am pleased to confirm that these don’t have that aspect of Hershey’s, and they make a lovely biscuit.

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