6 April 2009

Cappuccino Filled Muffin (Sainsburys)

I was walking past the bakery counter in Sainsbury’s and this caught my eye. Not just a regular muffin, but a filled cappuccino muffin no less, what a wonderful idea. I have never seen a ‘filled’ muffin before. I obviously don’t spend enough time at the bakery counter!
Tucking in, I discovered that ‘filled’ was a little over egging the pie, it wasn’t hollowed out as I had imagined, just cut in half with a concave shape. The filling is like a coffee flavoured butter cream and complements the cappuccino flavoured moist sponge that make up the rest of the muffin. Inside the sponge there were also flecks of lovely dark chocolate which really made it something special. A very nice treat, and a nice alternative to a regular muffin.

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