13 April 2009

Twix Milkshake [Super Thick Shake] (Makro)

Well a few days ago I mentioned the M&Ms milkshake I had, and I have found this Twix one in the same range. The milkshake isn’t actually Twix flavoured it is caramel, then there are a bag of what looks like mini Twix bars to mix in. On closer inspection they aren’t actually mini Twix biscuits, they are just the shortbread coated in chocolate, the missing caramel is the main milkshake flavour instead. The biscuits are pleasant enough, but I would have loved them if they had had a mini layer of caramel too! Never under estimate my sweet tooth!
As stated on the packet, and as per the M&Ms drink, the shake itself is very thick and creamy, and the straw stands up in it. The caramel flavour is gorgeous. There is a lovely sugary sweet taste that is just heaven, rich and luscious. It is very definitely superior to the M&Ms variety.

* I feel obliged to point out, this drink doesn't actually fly as per the photograph!

1 comment:

C2L said...

regardless to your disclaimer... it does indeed fly instead of UFO its a TFM, Twix Flying Milkshake!