20 April 2009

Bournville Old Jamaica (Sainsbury’s)

This is a ‘new’ old product as it is a re-launch, but it is also the sister product to the newly launched Bournville Orange. For those who want a reminder of the original Old Jamaica, here is a link to it on the Cadbury’s site: http://www.cadbury.co.uk/ourproducts/yesterday/Pages/Yesterday.aspx (last item on the page).
I will be honest and admit that I can’t give you a direct comparison between this and the original product as I don’t remember the flavour well enough. However I can tell you all about this bar.
It consists of the dark but sweet Bournville chocolate packed with juicy raisins and with a good hint of rum flavouring. The rum is quite strong and personally I would prefer the flavour turned down a notch. The raisins are sweet and add a stickiness to the texture which is rather lovely. All in all a good bar, but if pushed to choose I would opt for the Orange version, as the flavour is a bit more balanced.
Orange and raisin – now that is an idea that needs exploring!


Emily said...

I saw this product in Sainsbury too and vaguely remember the original. They also used to do a Tiffin bar of milk chocolate, biscuit and raisins, which you can occasionally get abroad but isn't quite as good. I wish they'd relaunch that!

cinabar said...

This isn't completely related - but there is a cafe in Shrewsbury that makes Tiffin... omg heaven with coffee. It's chocolate packed with all sorts of goodies.

The point is - that Tiffin stuff in Shrewsbury really makes me want to try Cadbury's version. :-)