3 April 2009

Banana Creamy Yogurt with Mini Smarties (Asda)

This is a little bit like the Mini Eggs dessert I told you about last month, i.e. there is a section of yoghurt and a container with the chocolate that you tip in to complete the dessert.
This particular variety though doesn’t have a liquid chocolate section, it has a pot of banana yoghurt with mini Smarties to tip in. The Smarties compartment is only about two thirds full which seems like a disappointing portion, but once they are tipped in it seems an acceptable amount.
The yoghurt has a creamy banana flavour and is silky smooth without any bits. Once the Smarties are in, they bleed there coloured shells into the white yoghurt and leave a colour trail. As the Smarties are all natural the colour trails are at least not artificial. The dessert itself is very sweet as it combines rich banana and chocolate, but my sweet tooth enjoyed it very much. For those of you who aren’t into banana flavoured products, it is also available with vanilla or strawberry yoghurt. I will update you when I have tried those too!


NLi10 said...

Again, another tempting proposition! Little smarties are a great treat even by them selves.

Posting from DSi... :)

cinabar said...

Wow you got a DSi - kewl!!! I still have my chunky DS!

I'm really looking forward to the version with strawberry yoghurt, I think that may work even better than the banana version!