16 April 2009

Hershey’s Symphony (Selfridges)

I have always had the thought in my head that I don’t like the taste of Hershey’s chocolate as it tastes sour. I know I had some and thought this, and it has meant that I have stayed clear of their chocolate. Recently however I tried Hershey's Cookies and thought that they were lovely, so I decided to try another Hershey’s product just to see.
I choose this Symphony bar as it contains almonds and toffee chips in milk chocolate, which is always a good combination! I was pleasantly surprised that the Hershey’s base chocolate was actually very pleasant. It is quite a creamy milk chocolate with a smooth flavour (no sour hint at all). The texture with the nuts and toffee was very nice, and made the bar crunchy to eat which I rather liked. In flavour the combination of both almond and toffee made it taste a little like a mild Dime bar, and it reminded me a fair bit of the Milka Dime bar I wrote about a while back.
This bar was so much nicer than I expected, it makes me want to go off and investigate more Hershey’s products!

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