2 April 2009

Red Sky West Country Bacon and Cream Cheese Crisps (Waitrose)

There seems to be an increasing number of new crisps on the market, and an increasing number of 'all natural' products. This product fits into both those categories, as it has no artificial flavourings. However, as these are a completely natural flavoured bacon crisps I feel I should point out that the bacon comes from actual animal source and therefore these are not vegetarian. After discovering that several of the meat flavoured pot noodles were vegetarian it does now come as a surprise discovering products that are and aren't vegetarian.
The crisps themselves are thick cut and have a good crunch. They have a slight greasiness though, not as much as a regular Walkers crisp, but not as crisp as a Kettle Chip. I thoroughly enjoyed the flavour, although the cream cheese is just an undertone and the salty bacon flavour sits in the frame. I love the concept of an all natural product, and the flavour really benefits from the natural ingredients. I'm looking forward to trying the other products in the range.


NLi10 said...

We got a deal from Asda and tried the Plain and Lime & pepper flavors. Both good, thinner crisp than KCs though. Didn't get to try that many of them for some reason though... :D

cinabar said...

What did you think of the other Red Sky flavours? I am going to have to pick some up for myself.

Also KCs summer flavour is going to be Tomato and Basil, which sounds lovely. I have my eyes open for these and am looking forward to blogging about them soon!

my name is jon said...

The Sea Salt and Suffolk cider vinegar flavour is amazing! the vinegar isn't bitter and the salt has just enough kick without you thinking "you can really tasted the salt.".... and now i've just finished the packet.

cinabar said...

Yep Jon this new range is rather lovely... have you tried the bacon and cream cheese variety? I really do recommend it!