28 April 2009

Organic Seed and Bean Company -Lavender and 72% Cocoa bar (Deli on the Square, Ludlow)

Wow, when you open the packet there is a wonderful aromatic smell of lavender. I like the idea of a lavender bar, I like Turkish Delight so am by no means put off by flowers flavouring my choccies.
Tucking in I found that the cocoa is bitter and strong, and the chocolate has a pleasant flowery almost herby taste mixed in with it. The only thing I am not keen on though is the sharp sweet aftertaste that is left on the palette. It’s a strange tang that hits after a few seconds of chewing. It is too sweet to have come from sugar and it is almost peppery in flavour. It is nice to try something different, but the aftertaste on this bar just needs taming.

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Emily said...

I have tried a few of these Organic Seed and Bean Company products and I can't decide if I like them or not! However, I too love Turkish Delight, so maybe this bar would be pretty good. Bet you found lots of foodie treats in Ludlow! I recommend the town's food festival in September.