5 March 2009

Sirius Musli Bar [Chocolate] (Lidl)

This bar consists predominantly of small tightly packed rice crispies, stuck together with some honey syrup substance. Also crammed into the contents are muesli grains and nuts. The base or the bar has been neatly dipped in milk chocolate.
The bar has a good firm consistency that makes the bar satisfying and filling. The flavours work well and the bar isn't overly sweet, which makes it nice for a quick easy breakfast. However, and this may be my sweet tooth talking, if a bar is labelled as 'chocolate', I want more than just a thin layer on the base, I want chocolate chips too!
I also picked up a box of the banana variety of these bars and the write up of that will follow shortly.


Shuntbox said...

A friend of mine had a massive stash of these guys, from Aldi or Lidl I believe? Anyway, they are good, if a little middle of the road. I have found myself smashing about 4 in a row before though!

cinabar said...

Healthier than munching through four chocolate bars though ;-)