28 September 2016

Mangajo Goji-berry & Green Tea (Waitrose) By @Spectre

Recently Cinabar and her mom have been mad on Smoothies they keep making from a contraption they have in the kitchen. It blends just about anything (including fingers of the unwary) and makes the most horrendous noise. I can hear it outside, or upstairs, or even in the car… anywhere! Shocking! Anyway, I thought I’d get in on the fruit drink game, but without the noise and the weird desire to chew when trying to drink a thick Smoothie.

This Mangajo Goji-berry & Green Tea drink is an infusion of green tea and goji-berry juice. Noting from the ingredients there is also apple and mandarin added. I don’t think I’ve tried anything with goji-berry juice in it before. I know we have goji-berry plant in the back garden that simply refuses to bear fruit. I digress, on smell this still orange coloured drink has a citrusy aroma with strong hints of mandarin. On taste mandarin is a more dominant flavour with goji-berry and apple cutting off the shear mandarin flavour and giving this refreshing drink a more mixed fruity taste. This drink is an innovative step away from the usual mixed red fruits that seems to dominate the shelves in the stores. I would have it again, as it didn’t last long once opened and gave me a quick buzz first thing in the morning.

Information on the bottle;

250ml bottle has 75 calories, negligible salt and fat, and having 16g of sugar. Ingredients included; water, fruit juices; apple, goji berry, and mandarin; green tea infusion, colour; safflower and lemon, acidity regulator; citric acid.

27 September 2016

Absolute Black 100% Cocoa Dark Chocolate @Montezumas By @Cinabar

My brother likes dark chocolate, he like’s flavours a lot darker than myself, so when he raved about a 100% cocoa bar he’d tried, I felt cautious about the flavour. I have tried 100% cocoa bars before and have always been impressed by just how bad they taste. They always smell nice, but the flavour ends up being bizarrely rather confused, almost like soil. Apparently this bar from Montezumas is different, or so my brother said. Then he bought me a bar, so I felt obliged to give it a try.
The bar is called Montezuma’s Absolute Black and indeed the chocolate is very dark in colour, and the ingredients simply state 100% cocoa mass. Things to note is that there is no sugar in it, none at all. I like sugar…

I broke a piece of the chocolate off, and it had a hard snap. It took a bit of strength to break as it is quite a solid bar. The aroma was very rich and dark and indeed smelt very chocolatey. I gave it the taste test, expecting the worst and was pleasantly surprised. The bar has a thick melt for one without any added cream. The flavour tasted almost sweetened, it is far from being a sweet bar but there was a gentle soft edge to the dark bitter flavour. This made the bar surprisingly pleasant, rich dark but perfectly edible. Ideal if you are after a sugar free bar, and something a bit different. This is by far the nicest high cocoa bar I have eaten, and the flavour thoroughly impressed me. I had envisaged trying it and using the rest up grated, mixed with sugar to make hot chocolate, which is what I have done with every other high cocoa bar I’ve tried. I shall happily munch my way through the rest of this chocolate and simply enjoy its rich dark tones.

26 September 2016

Key Lime Pie (Marks and Spencers) By @Cinabar

We recently watched an episode of Dexter which was about trying to find the best Key Lime Pie, one worth dying for. Dexter is a macabre tv show, and I’m not sure the take-home message should have been a desire to eat Key Lime Pie, but that is where it left us. In the UK Key Lime Pie isn’t a popular dessert, and we had to compromise with a Key Lime Pie “flavour” pudding from Gu, which was fabulous by the way. This dessert fuelled our desire to try a proper Key Lime Pie. We then got news that a new restaurant was opening near us, the American style Hickory’s Smokehouse, and on its menu was a classical Key Lime Pie. Before we got a chance to try their Key Lime Pie the restaurant had a major fire (nobody was hurt thankfully) but it's going to be closed for a while.

We were back to square one, until I spotted this gorgeous looking Key Lime Pie in Marks and Spencers.
This pie still isn’t technically a pie, it is more like a cheesecake. There is a biscuit base, with a large layer of thick mousse on top. After some googling it does turn out that there are quite a few variations on what an actual Key Lime Pie is, and some do have biscuit bases while others have a pastry, some have meringue on top as well.
The taste of this Key Lime Pie, was outstanding. It had the perfect balance of flavours, there is loads of zesty lime flavour, balanced to perfection with the creamy topping. The mix of sweet, acidic and cream worked very well. The biscuit base added a nice wholesome flavour, and the whole dessert was just gorgeous. The sprinkle of lime rind on top added to the flavour as well as looking pretty.
Maybe it's not quite worth dying for, but it certainly is worth picking one up as a fabulous treat.

25 September 2016

Shreddies MAX Protein (@NLi10)

Protein is certainly the new buzz word in foods.  Not only is it being added to everything but it's being branded on things that naturally included protein before and then they are artificially adding more. Case in point - protein shreddies.

We are looking at the red flavour today. It basically has protein in it, but is this amount per 100g really considered high protein? 10g per portion doesn't seem like a body builders amount.

This doesn't stop the cereal from being worth it on it's own merits - it's basically clusters and Shreddies with a hint of Strawberry Milkshake NesQuik about it. It's genuinely nice and something that I'll eat in far less portions than the box suggests.

Personally - I'll stick to getting the amino acids my body requires from natural sources and leave the protein loading to those who buy muscle magazines. But if this is on special offer again I'll probably pick some up as my sugary weekend cereal.

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