12 December 2017

White Chocolate Oreos (@Morrisons) By @Cinabar

I’m following on slightly accidentally from yesterday with another black and white looking product. Yesterday it was the Limited Edition Black and White Lion bar, this time it is in the form of dark Oreos coated in white chocolate. Now I’ll be honest I’ve had dipped Oreos before but it was more than five years ago, and so I think this still counts as a Foodstuff Find, particularly as I’ve been looking for another box for all that time! Spoiler alert, I’ve already added another two boxes of these bad boys to next weeks grocery order.
So these White Chocolate Oreos appeared under the new products listing on the Morrisons website, and the snowman on the pack leads me to believe these are just a Christmas special. There wasn't a milk chocolate version available, just the white chocolate. They are in sealed packs of two, which make them perfect for lunch boxes and it keeps the others fresh if you are having a couple of them for treats.

The white chocolate on the Oreo was nice and thick and the mix of texture from chocolate to biscuit to filling stuff was a joy to munch on. I do like Oreos but the addition of the sweet creamy white chocolate just makes these biscuit perfection. I have a sweet tooth and loved the extra sweetness, and the mix of flavours and textures. Sure they are quite rich, but balance them out with a cup of coffee and just let those sweet flavours sweep over the palette. Did I mention I was stocking up? I really wish these were a permanent edition to the Oreo range, they are by far my favourite Oreo edition.

11 December 2017

Black & White Lion Bar (Newsagent) By @Cinabar

I was recently on a trip to Cardiff, and on a search for some Welsh beer for Spectre we ended up looking in a large newsagent. Finding Welsh beer in Wales was not as easy as you might have thought, a branch of Tesco didn’t have any for example. We did finally find Cardiff beer in a large newsagent, and obviously I had a look at the chocolate available there too. Bars of chocolate for me I mean, for the train journey home. Anyway I found these Limited Edition Black and White Lion bars, and then forgot about them until today. Pretty shocking I know, but I was super excited when I rediscovered them again in the cupboard!
So White Lion bars are fairly easy to find, usually in bargain shops or import shops, but this is the first time I’ve seen a Black and White Lion bar. The Lion bar had dark chocolate wafers, dark chocolate and a coating of white chocolate on top, as well as all the usual crispie pieces and caramel.

Firstly I chopped a bit off to have a look at the promised black and white colour scheme, I wasn’t disappointed, I thought the filling looked very dramatic. I bit in and found I loved the flavour of the bar. This chocolate wasn’t as sweet as the white chocolate version, and although the white chocolate added contrast the dark chocolate added a balance to the cocoa and made this very enjoyable. The caramel seemed more predominant too and had a deeper flavour, which I also really loved. I’d forgotten just how nice Lion bars are, and how satisfying all those wonderful mix of textures were to munch on. I now have to find a local stockist of this limited edition bar, which I’m sure will be easier than trying to find Welsh beer in Wales!

10 December 2017

Twin Peaks (@Poundland) by @NLi10 #TwinPeaks

Nope - it's too snowy to go to work today, even for bloggers.  Here is a snow owl instead.  Merry Christmas.

Yup - that's in my kitchen.  It's far too cold to go outside! The carrot was too big to use as a nose, the pasta looked like a beak. The artisan bespoke organic peppercorns for eyes compliment it well.  It's in a jus of melted snow owl because the heating is on - I'm not crazy!  

What do you mean that isn't sufficient for a lazy Sunday submission? Look at his cute scarf!!


Good job I went to Poundland on Friday before I got snowed in.  They had packs of Knoppers for a pound - you don't know how happy that made me.

And these:

Apparently there was a little controversy with these the first time these were announced.  They agreed to use a different colour packaging and to still sell Toblerones in store (in fact the originals were much easier to find in store than these were) and apparently they only made 500,000 - and I bought three.  After all - chocolate that there has been a legal row over must be good!  I only found out it existed because regular folks were talking about it on FaceBook.  I felt behind the snack curve and had to rectify it immediately.

So what's the deal?  Toblerone announced it'd change its shape to make it more convenient to eat, people who rarely buy a Toblerone went mad because you'd technically get a bit less chocolate, Poundland announced a version similar to the original size in similar packaging - and chaos ensued.  But! Now we have a frankly brilliant colour scheme (looks like a 70s F1 team) and two peaks and a back-story.

It looks very pretty.  You can tell why the originals come in a cardboard box - all the bars had snapped half way so I was convinced that it came in two bits.

It's still an absolute pain to eat though.  I like Toblerone most in the individually wrapped chunks or tiny bars.  Even this Fauxblerone is an awkward beast to deal with unless you snap it into the smallest bits you can.  It is a more natural 4 bite experience though as the dip between the hills allows you to bite after the first snap.

It contains all the similar alpine bitty bits that you'd expect (maybe a bit smaller) and the chocolate is a little less milky than the normal one I think, which is nice.  Everyone knows black Toblerone with it's Dark chocolate is the best one in the selection box.  When Poundland do that I'll be stocking up again.

As for this - it's a success.  It got me to do some Christmas shopping in PoundLand and find a few things that I'd not expected to see there.  The bar is not disappointing - it's chunky, chocolatey and very good value at a pound.  The packaging is funky enough that you could give this for Christmas as a stocking filler (especially if the recipient knows the back-story) and the person opening it would be happy.  Although they would know it cost a pound the limited nature adds to the appeal.

If you like the big brand version you should certainly make a trip in to find them - they are by the tills - but do have a wonder round while you are there as you'll probably find some hidden gems like I did too.

9 December 2017

Old Ford Export Stout (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

It's unusual to be snowed in for a few days here in middle England in winter time. Of course it snows in Scotland and often on the peaks of Wales, but I don't recall seeing any snow last year and not much for a few years before that. Yet here we are snowed in for a weekend and mostly everything has ground to a halt. There's traffic chaos with the odd folk here and there trying to struggle through the meagre amount of snow we've already had, and I'm sure they will be pleased to hear that there is more snow on the way over the next few days. Searching through my beer shelf I found this rather fetching Old Ford Export Stout, which was produced by the Redchurch Brewery down in Harlow. I do like a good stout this time of year. They can be quite filling and warming on their own, and at 7.5% volume I could tell this stout should be able to warm up chilled fingers and heart from the icy cold outside.

On opening this Old Ford Export Stout I could smell a decent aroma of herbal hops backed up by the malted barley, followed by a sweetness and touch of coffee to finish from the roasted chocolate malt. That was a gloriously deep smell from a jet black stout that promised to be full of flavour to coat my thoroughly chilled old bones. On pouring there was a cheerful muddy grey head. On taste the herbal hops sprang to the fore, only to be quickly enveloped by a heavy soaking black wave of roasted chocolate malt that released a coffee taste, followed again by a slightly sweet and rich dark chocolate malt. As this second soaking of dark chocolate flavour receded back into the muddy grey topped black sea of my glass beer mug, the aftertaste brought back the roasted coffee which smoothed out slowly on the beach of my tongue. Old Ford Export Stout was gloriously flavoursome and warming to my cockles. I'm glad they kept a few of these back, as it would have been a crime to export them all!
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