23 June 2017

Mr Kipling Strawberry Cheesecake Whirls (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Mr Kipling has added a summer twist to their biscuit Whirls, and have brought out Strawberry Cheesecake Whirls. They are packaged in a bright a sunny yellow box that (literally) says Summer all over it.
I opened up the packet and found six Strawberry Cheesecake Whirls to share out. The filling was a surprisingly bright shade of pink in colour and had two tones. I gave one of the Strawberry Cheesecake Whirls a bite and tested it. I think I had forgotten just how soft and crumbly Mr Kipling’s Whirls are, they are difficult eat tidily, but I was still enjoying them.
The flavour of the strawberry was quite dominant, and very nicely fruity. Strawberries are one of the main flavours of summer and this sweetened strawberry jam filling worked perfectly. The biscuit base was lovely too, buttery and creamy in flavour. The other part of the filling was the paler pink cheesecake part, which was okay. This section is the main part of the theme for the cheesecake, but it reminded me of yoghurt, and had a hint of sour. It wasn’t strong enough to significantly distract from all the good flavours, and it was by no means bad, I just feel it didn’t add a lot. I think I’ would have preferred a plain strawberry Whirl, or one that was strawberry and cream. The cheesecake just didn't quite work for me, and added a slightly sour distraction to the other rich flavours. Of course I suspect that was what they were aiming for, but personally I’d have preferred a full on sweeter taste.

22 June 2017

Staying cool with Italian Euro Ices (@NLi10)

In the UK it's hot at the moment, hot enough for absolutely everyone to be gloriously unprepared.  People are rushing out to buy a fan, and hoping that it's going to stay hot enough to use it for longer than a week.  It's mad!

In Italy it was warmer than this, and for longer, but they are better prepared with air-con and bigger fans, and a large selection of ices available wherever you look.  In fact the ices are more of an indoor thing because in the direct sun they melt pretty fast!

On our camp site we had a lot of exciting options, and I didn't get to try anywhere near as many as I wanted - here are just a selection.

This is a big Cornetto by anyones standards.  You know how big a Cornetto felt when you were a child?  Thats how big this actually is.

This is a lovely tub of ice-cream and fruity bits.  Not quite as indulgent, but equally cooling and lovely.

And look at that - they both actually resemble the pictures!  There were so many more nuts and bits of chocolate than I'd expected - I guess it's all scaffolding to hold in the melty goodness.

This was more like a Magnum, but with more layers and flavours going on.  I didn't have one of these myself but they looked good.

Gelato Break!  We had many different flavours of gelato over the week - but as you can see they melt as soon as they scoop them out so you are better off with the little tubs.  This raspberry was great with actual fruit and seeds, but the gelato laboratory in Marina de Pisa had loads of fun flavours too.  Much more affordable than the UK too.

This was a great one - can't decide whether you want an ice pop or an ice-cream? Have both! And coat them in chocolate and nuts too - why not - you're on holiday!!

Like a cherry freezer stick trapped in a Feast this was a fun ice cream, even though it did melt a little oddly because of the layers.  Could have done with a nicer flavour in the middle too - but hey, it kept me cool and that was the main thing.

21 June 2017

McVitie’s Digestives Mini Caramel Crispies (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

I do like biscuits, especially with a good cup of strong tea. Maybe it's a bit hot at the moment in our mini heatwave, but I still can't help enjoying plenty of tea and of course; bring on the biscuits! These new McVitie's Digestives Mini Caramel Crispies are made with digestive biscuit pieces, which is good start, as I do love digestives, and they're mixed with caramel and crisped cereals and then covered in milk chocolate. On opening the carton I couldn't help thinking that these were more like little cakes or brownies, and that I'd got a bit confused some where down the line. However, they are called Mini Caramel Crispies and the only mention of biscuits was "Digestives" in the title.

On taste these three centimetre by three centimetre by two centimetre (approximate; as I'm a Blogger not a draftsman) blocks of milk chocolate covered biscuit cereal blocks tasted great. They certainly had a crisp texture inside as I bit into them. I could see in their centre the pieces of digestives and crisped cereals stuck together by caramel (see photograph above).

These Mini Caramel Crispies are very moreish and I had to take the plastic bucket away before I ate the lot. First of course comes the milk chocolate flavour as I bit through followed by sweet caramel, crispy cereals and then digestives moving into the aftertaste racing along side the sweet caramel and overtaking the cereals. Very nice indeed, try not to share with friends and try not to eat in one sitting, unless you've been to the gym or fancy a jog around the block, which I hadn't and definitely didn't!

Information on the plastic tub;

The 300g tub had 71 calories per 16g cake, which had 2.8g of fat, 6.8g of sugar and 0.12g of salt. Please see photograph for ingredients.

20 June 2017

Pipers Crisp Co - Wild Thyme & Rosemary (House of Fraser) By @Cinabar

After a busy shopping trip we decided to stop at the cafe in House of Fraser for a spot of lunch, we chose sandwiches and crisps to keep us going. The selection of crisps was quite interesting they stocked a range of Piper’s crisps which are actually quite hard to find in mainstream shops. I’ve never seen the flavour Wild Thyme and Rosemary before, so they were the easy lunch option for me. The fact that the crisps were in a pretty lilac bag only added a little influence. ;-)

The crisps were a nice thickness, firm and crunchy but not hard. I don’t like overly thick crisps, so these were just right for me. The crisps were dusted with seasoning, plenty of herbs and specks of red, which after reading the ingredients on the back I realised were tomato.
Taste wise these really were quite special. It was all about the Rosemary, they had such an amazing fragrant herby taste, and were absolutely divine. The flavour from the herbs was just so different, and they hit the spot perfectly. After the primary rosemary flavour hit, the thyme followed then a nice mix of sweet and salty from the tomato and the salt. The flavour was complex, but together the ingredients had a complete wow factor, perfectly balanced and such good herby flavours. They had me checking supermarkets online to see who stocks them. I came up blank, so I’m going to have to pop back to House of Fraser and get some to take out!
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