20 October 2016

Lloyd Grossman - Mascarpone Pancetta & Oak Smoked Garlic (@NLi10)

On the evening I made glitter jelly, I also made my dinner with the kettle too.  Here Lloyd Grossman has brought out a sauce that is on the surface a carbonara - only as he is a chef he understands that it isn't. You see carbonara doesn't have cheese in the sauce, it has cheese on top if you like, but it's all about cracked black pepper and cream. Cheese sauces with pig in them can be quite nice too so it's good to see this variety.

It also has Garlic in it which is great. And to make it you boil water, cook pasta, heat the sauce, then stir the pasta in. Easy!

Naturally we are having gourmet pasta.

And I even timed the pasta so that I got it the right texture.

The sauce was heated as directed, not too fast so it didnt burn.

And the two were expertly combined. pretend i had vegetables instead of eating both portions.

and the flavour was good, strong but not overpowering, and not too salty. And as directed on the package i sprinkled cracked black pepper all over the top. perfect quick and easy psta sauce, something ill have again.

19 October 2016

Soreen Scream Chocolate & Blood Orange (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

Something scary was going on in my lunchbox today. I was almost frightened to death on opening my overly large Tupperware box. I’m sure I heard some distant thunder as the usual downpour of rain lashed the window nearby. These new Soreen Scream Chocolate and Blood Orange mini loaves are a spooky festive edition with a vampiric theme.

They are rammed full of chocolate chips running through the mini loaves and a fangtastic blood orange flavouring. On tearing open the packet with my specially sharpened teeth I found the chocolate chips went very well with the blood orange flavour. This left a chocolaty orange flavour in my mouth as an aftertaste. The first mini loaf went down very easily in a couple of tasty bites and was washed down with a good cup not-very-scary afternoon tea. There are five individually wrapped mini loaves in a pack for things that go bump in the middle of the day.

Information on the packet;

Each 30g bar has 104 calories, 2.4g of fat, 7.6g of sugar and 0.2g of salt. See photograph for ingredients.

18 October 2016

Mr Kipling Toffee Terror Whirls (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

I’m not sure that toffee is something that causes terror, or even makes the spine tingle. Still, I can appreciate a limited edition Halloween product, even if the flavour tie in sounds a bit loose. I like toffee, so I’ll let it go. It does actually make a change from the lemon and (s)lime which seems to be popular again this year.

These biscuits are like Viennese Whirls but they have a cream and toffee filling inside. There are six in the pack, and they come dusted with icing sugar. The biscuits look visually like the regular whirls, except where the dollop of toffee sauce peeps through. I was sort of hoping for something a little bit more seasonal to be imprinted on the biscuits, but they the just have the regular swirl.
The biscuits do taste good though.Their soft texture is crumbly and pleasant, and the tones of toffee are sweet and satisfying. The flavour isn’t too strong and the buttery taste of the biscuit still shines through.
These are tasty biscuits, with a good toffee filling. The theming for them may be a little weak, but they are still a very enjoyable treat. Next year Mr Kipling how about Pumpkin Spice Whirls?

17 October 2016

McCoys Chips - Chip Shop Salt and Vinegar Crisps (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

When I'm looking round the supermarket trying to decided what to review I obviously search out all the new products, but some of them I don't even pick up. I usually ignore the products that say new but don’t look interesting, and I almost put these crisps into that category. I thought they were just a rehash of regular McCoys Salt and Vinegar which I've had a million times, but oh my word I'm glad curiosity got the better of me. One quick smell from the newly opened sharing bag and I knew that these were something special, the aroma was full on and oh so appetising.

The crisps are surprisingly different to look at. The shape of them is long and thin so they are actually chip shaped, but they are still ridged. The texture is fantastic, they feel quite aerated, and fluffy in a crunchy kind of way. I liked this thick but light texture. The flavour is stunning too and the ridges on the crisps intensify it by letting all the flavours granules accumulate in them. Now the flavour, this is where these new crisps hit the mark. The flavour of salt and vinegar is strong, its like a bag of fish shop chips that has been heavily overloaded with too much seasoning. You have to like salt and vinegar to go for these, but if you do the flavour is out of this world. The strong acidic vinegar taste intermingling with the heavy salt left for a flavour combination that left my mouth tingling and immediately craving another crisp. Wow, just wow. Possibly the perfect salt and vinegar crisps.
Buying new things to review each week means I rarely buy the same items again, but I've added two more sharing bags of these to next weeks online grocery order because they are so darn lip smacking tasty.
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