25 March 2017

Red Rye Ale (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

I've written about a couple or so of Red Rye ales recently, and Hook Norton Brewery, in Oxfordshire, produced this one. This 4.7% volume red ale had Maris Otter Pale malt, Crystal malt, Crystal Rye, Enzymic malt, and wheat malt added in the brewing. That's quite a list of malts there for a 330ml bottle, but it doesn't stop there, as oodles of fruitiness was promised on the label with Willamette, Sovereign, Citra, Amarillo and Chinook hops also being added in producing this Red Rye extravaganza. I seriously don't know how they fit it all into one bottle, but they did and now I'm slightly worried about opening it. The pressure of flavours in there must be ginormous.

After putting on some safety goggles from the shed, I apprehensively prized off the bottle top. The aromas from the top of the open bottle were lipsmackingly alluring. There was malt in the initial smell followed by a mountain of fruitiness from the sheer amount of hops added in the brewing. On pouring as expected the ale glowed a healthy glowing red. First taste was like being hit by a freight train of flavour, and it just didn't stop, just rolled straight over my tastebuds, over and over. There was thick malt, then fruitiness which a touch of bitterness from the hops, then sweet malt, then more fruitiness with a touch of citrus for a final whistle into the tunnel of my gob. The aftertaste oozed with fruity malty goodness. Wow! What a Red Rye ale extravaganza this is!

24 March 2017

Katsu Curry Sticky Rice Chips (Marks and Spencers) By @Cinabar

Having recently had Katsu Curry a number of times out and at home it has quickly become a favourite meal for us. It consists of sticky rice, a piece of breaded chicken with a slightly spicy sauce covering it all over.
When I was browsing the new crisps in Marks and Spencer I was curious to see these new Chips flavoured with Katsu Curry. We picked up a bag and shared them out with sandwiches one lunch time. We didn't have a dip with them although afterwards realised it might have been a nice idea.
The crisps aren't potato based they are made with rice and maize, and shaped like slightly curled and bubbled squares, and you can see all the spices embedded in them.
They had a fairly mild flavour, and started off tasting quite creamy, which is in keeping with a Katsu curry. The heat did develop a little the more you munched and they ended up with a gentle warmth of chilli. The flavour I hadn't been expecting was the coriander and as that is one of my favourite herbs I thought these worked really well. The texture was a little dry, but they were pleasingly crunchy. I had also realised they are flavoured with just the sauce element of a Katsu Curry, and felt they would have been amazing if they had a hint of chicken in their too, but I do love meaty crisps!

23 March 2017

Power Rangers Movie Official Krispy Kremes (@NLi10)

With cinema tie ins there are occasionally a few snack goodies, but I spotted a FaceBook sponsored post for a new movie that has gone the extra mile - Krispy Kremes!

These are of course themed Krispy Kremes for the Power Rangers movie which from the trailer appears to be a total reboot of the whole thing - and it looks pretty reasonable considering the original series...

The box is pretty cool - lots of Branding, lots of movie shots.

The doughnuts are essentially the chocolate topped white cream doughnuts, but with a lovely glittery topping and a chunky icing lightning bolt on top. Cool design, but the flavour is the same as it ever was.

And the thing is it's kind of enough! Krispy Kremes really don't need much changing from the classic formula and the addition of the cosmetic glitter and the crunch of the bolt is pretty cool. There are only 500 dozens in the UK and this weekend is the last one to try them so Go Go if you are a big fan.

22 March 2017

Pea Snacks Sweet Chilli (ALDI) By @SpectreUK

Always on the lookout for healthy alternative snacks to crisps and nuts, these Pea Snacks seem to fit the bill nicely. They were specially produced for ALDI by Passion Deli, were baked not fried, and are gluten free and a good source of protein. That all sounds very healthy, but do they taste good? Well there was only one way to find out. On opening the packet there was a heavy chilli pepper smell from the runner bean shaped pea pocked greenish baked rice coated slightly paprika orange coloured snacks (see photograph). They looked like someone had pushed Kermit the Frog through a mini sausage making machine and then stuck him in an oven to make sure!
The slightly crunchy coated pea snacks had an initial cayenne peppery taste which tickled my nose hairs on first bite. After this primary nostril teasing there was then a sweet chilli flavour lending a medium burn to my mouth followed by a mild ginger taste and a hint of peas, with that pesky cayenne pepper moving all the way through into the aftertaste. This chilli burn increased whilst I gobbled the packet, making my nose run a little. Still these Pea Snacks are flavoursome, rather than some chilli snacks and sauces that attempt to burn your mouth out without having any real flavour. So if you fancy a healthy, tasty alternative snack that may make your nose run a little, these Pea Snacks could be for you.
Information on the packet;
The 21g packet contains 87 calories, having 2.7g of fat, 0.8g of sugar and 0.23g of salt. See photograph for ingredients.

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