Sunday, 26 June 2016

Glastonbury 2016 snacks part 2 (by @NLi10)

Still at the damp and muddy Glastonbury festival and living off brought and bought foods.

Here we have Walkers answer to KP Nutsters (a peanut in a Pringle)

These vanished. In a festival situation a bag full of salty proteins is exactly what I was craving. Expect a proper review but these seem as good as the originals - maybe this style of snack will take off.

Here we saw the Toad Hall sign because I forgot to take a picture of my excellent Brownie - and they have quality bands and sounds too.

Still in Green Futures but heading towards the trendy Park Stage we have the Women's Institute serving unfeasabley fluffy sponges. I had a Victoria Sponge and a nice cup of tea. I'd be writing the reviews there now, but the crowds in that direction were intense so I've hidden in the Left Field which was almost empty and had space for my chair.

Here we see Chvrches (or is it New Order) on the Other Stage as headliners and another piece of the Tribe box. I have issues with the delivery method and prices but this is again a real quality product. Nothing of disappointment in the box so far. Again - full review from a non ravenous person to follow.

And to finish my final shift with Oxfam we shared this Montezuma's Classic orange and geranium. Interesting to see strangers response to its botanical echoes over the soft but rich chocolate. 

We will be home soon and the only things left will be the wrappers and mud stains (and all the other pot noodles we never got to eat). Well worth a trip for any food fan, well - one that isn't too bothered by the outdoors!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Caterpillar Pale Ale (@Beer52HQ) [By @SpectreUK]

This Caterpillar Pale Ale was made in collaboration between Brewfist, in Italy and BeerHere, in Denmark. It kindly came to our door in a box of beers a while ago from Beer 52, who send a beer monthly for those connoisseurs out there who like to try something different. Large quantities of New Zealand hops were used in the brewing, with added spicy rye malt. On reading the label my mouth couldn’t help but water. I couldn’t quite tell why this pale ale is called Caterpillar, but I figured it might have something to do with gardeners running wildly around hop fields trying to keep the pesky bugs off the leaves.

I opened the 330ml bottle and took a deep snort of this 5.8% volume pale ale. There was a heavy hoppy smell to the ale with spicy undertones. The beer poured very excitedly, so much so that I instantly had a beer glass full of head. After a while of waiting I added a little more beer and finally took a deep sip. This is definitely a beer that’s taken a great deal of thought and preparation. The two brewers have done a magic job on their collaboration. There was an initial bitterness from the mixture of hops washing around my mouth, with a hint at first of spiciness that started to build on itself in my mouth right through to the aftertaste. This spicy and intense hoppy flavour makes this a lip-smackingly tasty beer indeed. Not one to wash down with food I suspect, rather to be thoroughly enjoyed without accompaniment asides the pleasant company of several other bottles of Caterpillar Pale Ale.
By Spectre

Friday, 24 June 2016

Teisseire Gourmet Drops - Vanilla Syrup (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

I've switched most of my squashes to the miniature ones. I don't mean the vegetables called squash I mean orange cordials etc. The big bottles take up space, and the smaller ones are great even for travel.
Funnily enough the bottles that sat next to my bottles of squash are my coffee syrups. They are big glass bottles, and I have various flavours from gingerbread through to chocolate chip cookie. I was quite pleased to find that someone had miniaturised my coffee syrups into these ultra concentrate bottles. I didn't notice at the time but this one is also sugar free, which is a bonus.
I made myself a latte and added a squirt of the gourmet drops. I stirred it all up and gave the drink a sip, wow it was sweet. I mean too sweet, it had a very strong sweet flavour, which almost over powered the coffee. The vanilla was all a bit lost in the overpowering sweetness. I mentioned it was sweet right?
Ok, my fault, I thought I was pretty convinced I had just over squirted, it could happen to anyone. So the next day I made myself a latte and tried again. This time I cautiously added the smallest squirt I could, and tried my drink. It was still too much, it was much better and the vanilla was much nicer, but ultimately it still felt like I had added to much syrup to my drink, albeit not as bad as before. I didn’t think I could have added less, and my lattes are in a fairly big mug so it left me stuck. Sadly this particular syrup isn’t going to work for me, maybe my sweet tooth just isn’t sweet enough.
By Cinabar

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Glastonbury Snacks Pt 1. (By @NLi10)

Im at Glastonbury this week. It's Thursday and the main bands haven't started yet and I've been here since Tuesday.

There are lots of foods and snacks on offer. Some of them are ones that you pick up on site... 

Here we have a cream tea eaten off a backpack. It was £6 with a tea for three scones and actual clotted cream. We went freeform, bought two and an extra tea and had it between three. £4.50 each for something where the jam and scones felt home made was spot on.  Good tea too.

And there are some we carried to the site!

This is out of a Tribe box I got for a pound off a FaceBook advert which I'll write up properly next week.

Surprisingly textured and tasty with enough bits and seeds in there that I'm sure it filled the gap.

And here we have a king pot noodle - my favourite Beef and Tomato flavour. A nice lunch after a night shift and full of all the essential things that the body lacks after a few nights in a tent. Not the best option at home, but a mythical and welcome meal once under canvas. Oxfam supply the hot water so we brought plenty of these.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Hayward's Hot & Spicy Onions (Morrison's)

I've tried a few hot and spicy pickled onions on my lunchtime and evening eclectic meals, so much so that I find it quite dull to eat normal pickled onions now. Routing around for alternatives to my usual favourites, Cinabar found these Hayward's Hot & Spicy Onions. They have black peppercorns, pink peppercorns and the dreaded dried Bird's Eye Chillies floating around amongst the Silverskin pickled onions. On opening the jar I was expecting to duck from a ball of fire shooting out from the top. Fortunately the hot and spicy pickled onions stayed where they were, albeit menacingly staring back at me. There was an almost soothingly sweet pickled smell of onions followed by a lightly peppery chilli smell that tickled my nose hairs. I was feeling quietly confident. I took one out of the jar on a teaspoon and bravely popped it in my mouth, instantly feeling quite stupid. There was the initial sweetness of the pickled onion, but also the fire from the Bird's Eye Chillies with a subservient flavour of pepper afterwards. This fire keeps pumping like an angry hornet stinging at the sides of my mouth. I noticed I'd also broken into a sweat. This was from one hot and spicy onion. Time for some more... :-)

Information on the jar
210g drained, per 100g there are 0.6g of fat, 11.7g of sugar, and 0.88g of sugar. Ingredients included; Silverskin onions, black peppercorns, pink peppercorns, dried bird's eye chill, barley malt extract, barley malt vinegar, firming agent; Calcium Chloride, and preservative; Sodium Metabisulphite.
By Spectre

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Mixed Berry Glitter Jelly (@HartleysJelly) [By @Cinabar]

I am a grown adult, I just happen to like bright colours and glitter. Long may I never grow out of it.
The new Mixed Berry Glitter Jelly from Hartley’s therefore made me happy, it made me smile, the way edible glitter should. How could it not, jelly is already a fun party dessert and the addition of glitter is something that should have come sooner if truth be told. Each sachet makes four servings and is made by adding boiling water, mixing and allowing to set. You can be adventurous and try out jelly moulds, but ours went straight into serving bowls.

The new glitter jelly is not only mixed berry flavour it is blue! Well a sort of aquamarine if we are going to get technical, and very pretty. The glitter is more of a shimmer, not quite as metallic as I had expected, but the balance works. It looked very smart in the bowls and it caught the light really well. On looks alone this jelly had already won me over.
The flavour too was spot on, there were lots nice berry flavours, with tones of raspberry and blueberry. I liked the mix of fruit flavours, the tang of berries worked very well. The jelly was sweet and fun, and the taste was lovely and fruity. This would be perfect for those having a children’s birthday party with some sort of Frozen theme, but also spot on for adults who forgot to grow up.
By Cinabar

Monday, 20 June 2016

New Cadbury Cookie Salted Caramel Brownie (Asda) [By @Cinabar]

When I first saw these, and put them in my trolley, I was quite convinced that I had bought a box of cookies. New ones from Cadbury, with the ever persistent flavour of Salted Caramel. I admit I saw the “new” label in the biscuit isle and made the assumption that they were biscuits, I didn’t seem to focus on the long and confusing name; Cadbury Cookie Salted Caramel Brownie.

When I got the pack home and brewed a cup of tea and got ready to have what I thought was a biscuit, the first thing I realised was that several of them were stuck together in a stack. I tried to pull them apart and they were breaking apart as I did, as they had such a soft texture. These are discs of cake, in a cookie shape. I had to get a knife to separate them, and even then I had a few tears.
On the positive point their aroma was amazing, there were lovely tones of chocolate and salted caramel, and they smelt very appetising. I bit in, and again found myself questioning the texture, not sure if I liked it. These are not soft in the way you might find an American style cookie they are spongey and like a dense cake. They didn’t have the feel of a brownie either, there was no firm surface giving way to soft almost moist and gooey texture underneath. I usually like complex textures but these weren’t working for me. They were like a heavy sponge.
The flavour was disappointing too, there was plenty of chocolate and that I’m not complaining about. I loved the chunks of Cadbury Dairy Milk, these were a good addition, and there was lots of cocoa. They did taste nice. My problem was that the promised Salted Caramel had almost disappeared, over powered by the chocolate to such an extent its presence could easily be missed.
I think these are a bit of a confused product, I’m not sure I need a cookie brownie I’d rather pick one or the other.
By Cinabar

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