19 March 2018

New Feisty Cherry Diet Coke (@Morrisons) By @Cinabar

I ordered this from Morrisons when I saw that it looked sort of like a new flavour. I say sort of, Diet Cherry Coke is a drink I have had many times in the past, and this looked remarkably similar to it. In fact I almost didn’t take a picture of it when the bottle arrived, I started to assume it was regular Diet Cherry Coke re-branded as Feisty Cherry Diet Coke. Lucky I did take that picture because when I came to give it a try I realised it was all change for the drink.
When you first sip this cola you get a hit of cherry that is marginally stronger than regular Diet Cherry Coke, not much new there and if that is where it had stopped I probably would have stopped and not written this. It was at this point though that the weird thing happened, I got a strange tingle in my mouth. I want to say chilli, but it wasn’t hot or a burn, it was a weird feeling, like my mouth was itchy for a second. I took another sip, a nice swoop of Cherry Coke flavour, a pause, then a tickle at the back of my throat. Its not just the fizz from the bubbles, it is a weird aftertaste, taste isn’t the right word, its a odd sensation. It is not strong enough to be offensive, but it is weird, and I’m not a fan. I really hope this is a Limited Edition drink and that the normal version of Cherry Coke makes a quick comeback, this was not my cup of tea at all. I wanted a glass of water to wash the tingle away.

18 March 2018

London Street Food Mother Clucker & Tea @Nli10

We went to see the Harry Potter play in London.  No spoilers here - but it is very good.

Seeing it over two days meant we got to eat at lots of lovely places which is the goal of any trip really, isn't it!

The locals had even got in on the act with Potter/Star Wars themed coffee available.  Not interested though.

What I needed was chicken!

I had the Chicken Strips - I only learned afterwards that I should have added the nice fries too.  Oh well.

Mother Clucker is one of those semi-street food things where you have a van that can pop up anywhere.  Here it's down Brick Lane by Rough Trade East.

And it's pretty good.  The chicken is tender and fresh, the coating is thick and almost like an apple crumble topping (thanks Kate!) but in a KFC style with all the usual herbs and spices but a lot more quality.  I'd make a special trip over just to eat this again.

Here in Spittalfields Market I found a Chinese Tea shop (Yi Yang? I forgot to get the name!) and picked up a lovely strong herbal Lemon tea.

I had medium sugar and not heated, which I think was a mistake in the Mini-Beast Arctic winds.  I enjoyed it though.  I got told off by coffee drinkers for drinking it too slowly, but these herbal teas are meant to be sipped and enjoyed.  Everyone else seemed to be going for some kind of milky bubble tea, maybe I missed out.

We had a great time wandering around hipsterville and catching up with old friends. Have to do it again soon!

17 March 2018

Heritage Series: Suffolk Pale Ale (sold in Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Last week I blogged about Vintage Fine Ale, the first of two limited edition Greene King beers that have been made with the near extinct Chevallier malt from their secret (or maybe not) seed bank. Chevallier malted barley hasn't been used much in the last century and once the three fields of this rare malt have been all used up, it could be quite sometime before anyone tastes Chevallier in a beer again. This Suffolk Pale Ale is the second beer. Saaz hops and Strisselsplat hops were added in the brewing to create a mixture of floral, citrus, herbal and spicy bitterness to this pale ale.

On opening the 568ml bottle there was a spicy herbal hoppish smell mixed with the sweet malt. On taste this 5% volume ale had the now familiar sweet taste of the Chevallier malt to start with which again complemented the bitter flavours of the hops. There is spicy warmth here from the initial flavours mixed with the herbal and the floral hops and with a touch of citrus into the sweet malt aftertaste. This is a complex pale ale, full of all the flavours of hops and the luxurious sweetness of Chevallier. I can see why Greene King wanted to roll back the years to produce both these beers. It would be grand if they could create more fields of this Chevallier malted barley, as I'm sure these would become very popular beers without being limited editions.

16 March 2018

Muller Light – New Limited Edition Raspberry Doughnut Flavour Yoghurt (Lunch Trolley) By @Cinabar

I usually make my own sandwiches for work, but do occasionally have a look at the lunch trolley that comes around, often to just pick up a juice. Today however I spotted a selection of Muller yoghurts, and the inevitable ‘new’ label that drew me in. The flavour of this yoghurt is Raspberry Doughnut which sounded quite fun so I decided to have a this as a sweet treat for the afternoon. I thought I was being a bit naughty choosing a flavour that sounded so sugary, but when I had a further look at the packet I realised it was actually fairly low in calories (less than 100) and was fat free.
Inside the pot was a thickish yoghurt which had a pale pink colour. The flavour was quite strong, and the major element of that was the sugariness in taste. There was some pleasant acidic bite from the raspberry, but it was really quite sweet. If I was asked to describe the flavour I think I would have gone with raspberry icing, rather than doughnut, fruity but over-sweet. I couldn’t pick up on any of the doughnut part, just the tangy raspberry. I was after a sweet treat for the afternoon and this certainly delivered, so I can’t really complain, and technically all that flavour hit was still lower fat. This is perfect for when you want a sweetness hit without too much guilt or the calories.
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