18 January 2017

Sanpellecrino Aranciata Rossa [Blood Orange] (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

This Sanpellecrino Aranciata Rossa or fizzy Blood Orange drink sounded like a refreshing treat, and with Cinabar’s Mom constantly cranking up the boiler and blasting me with the heating I certainly need it! It’s made with part orange juice and blood orange juice. And at 135 calories per 330ml can, it’s pretty good for you and should give you a boost during the day, especially with its vitamin C qualities to help fight off these wretched colds I keep getting. On opening the can there was a pleasant fizz from the sparkling juice drink inside. The pinkish liquid tasted slightly of blood orange with normal orange juice as the dominant flavour. So you could say that this tangy drink was sparkling orange juice with an added blood orange twang! Whoosh goes the overheated Spectre trying to chill out from the overheated house.

17 January 2017

Apple and Blackberry Clusters (Boots) By @Cinabar

I’m still playing ball with this January is healthy thing and have accidentally fallen into the trap of lower calories products. Oh for the new releases of Easter chocolate, my sweet tooth cannot wait!
In the meantime I picked up these. Apple and Blackberry Clusters from Boots, in the hope that something sweet might be tasty and yet ultimately fruit based.

The clusters are balls of some sort of cereal based fruit snack. I got distracted by the texture far more than I should have, but they are just so odd. Not interesting and varied, I mean odd. They feel like they have been freeze dried, but aren’t quite crisp enough, but they are hard too. Then when you bite in you get this unpleasant crunch that goes soft and sticky really quickly. I couldn’t get passed this, I did not like the texture at all. The fruit flavours were nice, they were natural tasting and there was plenty of zingy blackcurrant. The apple softens the taste, and if it were just for the flavours I would have enjoyed them. The texture lost me, and it had me wishing I had a select few pieces of fruit to munch on instead. Or a Mars bar… I’m not good at this healthy January lark.

16 January 2017

Forest Feast - Belgian Dark Chocolate Banana [By @Cinabar]

Trying the January healthy fruit theme I thought I’d give this Forest Feast Belgian Dark Chocolate Banana pieces a try. Now I know it mentions chocolate, but I still thought it sounded a little bit healthier… ok the Belgian Chocolate part swayed me in.
I decided to open up the bag and tuck in one afternoon at work. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I assumed a slice of freeze dried banana and a coating of milk chocolate.

The chunks were bigger than I thought they would be, these are big pieces of banana, in chocolate and they are cocoa dusted. Now I have to admit they are not attractive to look at, in fact they are a bit ugly, but put this aside because all is forgiven on the flavour.
Thankfully the banana wasn’t hard of freeze dried, and was actually firm but still soft. This is useful as the size of some of the pieces means that you have to eat them in more than one bite. I wasn’t expecting the cocoa dusting, it looked pretty but I was at work and could feel the cocoa sprinkling on my paperwork… oops.
All in all these were delicious though. The chocolate is the most dominant flavour and they had just a mild flavour of the fruit. They tasted like a banana flavoured fudge wrapped in cocoa goodness. These felt so much more naughty than the fruity treat I’d planned. There was still banana in there, and I’m standing by that!

15 January 2017

Meiji Choco Baby (by @NLi10)

Sometimes snacks don't look like snacks. Occasionally this is deliberate, but un this case I don't think it was.

Meiji here have a large packet of Choco Baby - which look like spares for a board game. You can play Risk with these, you can use them as counters on Magic cards. And then you can freak people out by eating them!

They are the kind of fondant chocolate that sticks to the outside of Pocky sticks (not Meiji, but Glico). They have a waxy exterior and don't really melt, until you bite into them. Nice, but a little unusual, and great for putting out during board game night!

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