Friday, 29 August 2014

Muller Light - Skinny Cappuccino Yogurt (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

Just occasionally at Foodstuff Finds we have days when we think we may have over indulged a bit, and want to make ourselves feel better by eating something a bit lower in calories. This was one of the days, and it gave me the opportunity to see what is new in the low fat Muller Light section.
This Skinny Cappuccino seemed like an interest flavour combination, and not a flavour I associate with yoghurt. The packet says that the flavour had been chosen by the public, which means that Muller fans are a little more adventurous than some of the other brands out there… KitKat I’m looking at you.
When I pulled back the lid I found the yoghurt to be a little darker than I expected, and not that appetising in colour. It was, well - dirty looking for want of a better phrase.
The flavour was a total success though, the thick and creamy yoghurt had chocolate bits throughout, and combined with the sweet coffee taste perfectly. You’d have never guessed it was fat free and only 99 calories.
So don’t be put off by the colour, and thank the fans of Muller for coming up with a new flavour that is a bit different but works really well.
By Cinabar

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Nongshim Potato Flavoured Snack (Vanguard) [Review by @NLi10]

Another gaming session and more gamer fuel reviewed.  Up this time it's the brother snack of the sweet potato that I reviewed before (and we bought again).  Vanguard has these for cheaper than SooEasy so I can justify them more easily - hurrah!

These potato snacks are much more similar to English potato snacks than their South Korean origin would suggest, but have an unusual garlic/chive flavour to them.  I think the English version would have contaminated this with some synthetic dairy tastes which is why I quite liked these a bit more.

The USA version of the Nongshim site has a staggering array of flavours, and Amazon sellers are happy to charge $10 for a bag instead of the 69p that I paid!  I think I'll stick to my current strategy of Think Globally, Shop Locally and continue to try these things until I accidentally buy a fish one and go into a sulk.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pelagonia - Cherry Peppers With Tuna (Brown and Green Grocers, Trentham Gardens)

Before heading off to the shops Cinabar's mom mentioned that we could have a mixed fishy meal that night which could consist of salmon, mackerel, prawns, battered deep fried prawns and some herby bread on the side. This seemed like a golden opportunity for me to pop open the jar of Cherry Peppers with Tuna by The Macedonian Kitchen that I'd picked up on our last jaunt to see the monkeys at Trentham Gardens. Once the dinner plates were arranged with their fishy delights I added a few of these Cherry Peppers with Tuna onto each plate. The cherry peppers were stuffed with tuna paste. The tuna paste had a good spicy taste to it from the capers mixed with the fishiness from the tuna and anchovies, there was also a hot kick from the cherry pepper. We all agreed that the smooth fishy filling and the chilli heat from the cherry pepper complemented each other very well indeed. These Cherry Peppers with Tuna were very tasty and went well with the other fishy morsals on our plates. There are loads of these Cherry Peppers with Tuna in the jar, so I can saver them with plenty of meals in the future. Those Macedonians certainly know how to stuff a pepper! ;-)

Information on the label;
Produced in the Republic of Macedonia. 280g net weight. Ingredients included; 45% cherry peppers, 30% sunflower oil, 20% tuna, 5% capers, olives, anchovies, vinegar and salt.
By Cinabar

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Wispa Biscuits (Pound World) [By @Cinabar]

There have been several different varieties in the past of these Cadbury biscuits, and the latest edition are these Wispa ones. They come in smart packaging that mimics the design of the chocolate bar’s wrapper. I do like a Wispa bar, and a Wispa Gold, bubbly chocolate does have a lovely texture to eat.
The problem for me is that Wispa, although a fab chocolate bar is just chocolate. It is all about the texture, not the flavour. With a biscuit, surely all the bubbly texture is lost with the crunch? Well, I guess I was going to find out.
There are eight biscuits in the pack, all quite spaced out with a plastic tray. I broke one of the biscuits in half and found that there was a decent amount of Wispa inside, hopefully enough to shine through. The coating of chocolate looked generous too, so I knew these would be a chocolatey treat.
The Wispa in the centre is nice, the aerated chocolate means that the centre has give in it when you bite in, a solid lump of chocolate would have been a bit hard going on the teeth in conjunction with the biscuit. The pleasure of the bubbles was, as suspected, a bit lost. The chocolate however is the usual good quality sweet treat and the biscuit had a nice buttery taste. These biscuits are nice, they are full of chocolate and tasted rather good. Offering these out as an afternoon treat with a coffee and nobody would complain, but they probably wouldn’t ask what they were either unfortunately. They weren’t an outstanding new flavour development, they are just a good addition to the Cadbury biscuit range and a nice chocolate biscuit.
Here is hoping that they releases a Wispa Gold Edition shortly too, now they could be amazing.
By Cinabar

That’s Not My Name - @StarbucksUK @CocaCola_GB [By @Cinabar]

I was wandering about the shops on bank holiday monday and thought it would be nice to pick up a bottle of drink, as I was getting thirsty. I stopped, looked at the bottles of cola and immediately frowned. Coca Cola is running it’s named bottles campaign. The bottles all have names written on them, and people madly search through the selection looking for their name. It isn't just here that is doing it, it is across the globe. NLi10 found a set of this new phenomena of name bottles on a recent holiday to Norway. There is no avoiding it.

If you have a reasonably common name the chances are you still won’t find it, just because shops are fairly limited on the stocks they get in, so even common names are hard to locate. I think the name thing is destined to end in disappointment, people searching hopefully for their name and giving up and picking up a random one. I don’t want to drink from a bottle of cola that says “Brian” on the side, that’s not my name.
I have a rare first name, “Lis”. Yes it ends in an ’s’ not a ‘z’, and this means that as a child I never had any personalised stationery/mugs etc. As an adult it means I don’t have the slightest chance of finding a bottle of Cola with my name on it either. For some reason having the wrong name on things bothers me more than not having a name on it at all. As I’ve got older I’ve become more sensitive to the incorrect spelling of my name, it is only three letters L-I-S there shouldn’t be much room for it to go wrong, but it does and it does make me grumpy. Emails tend to come addressed to either “Liz” or, and I think this is auto spelling correction, “Lies” which just isn’t friendly is it? Occasionally people guess “Lisa” too… I assume they think I accidentally mis-spelt my own name and politely corrected it for me? Really?
Annoyed by the Cola bottles, and bugged by the idea of drinking from a bottle marked “Declan” I decided to grab a drink in Starbucks instead. I queued and then ordered myself a Hazelnut Macchiato. The server did ask my name, and finally thrust a fancy looking drink in my hand with “Liz” written in black pen on the side of the cup. Oh for goodness sake - that’s not my name!
By Cinabar

Monday, 25 August 2014

Tefal Actifry Plus Snacking (@IdealWorldTV) [By @Cinabar]

We have a new toy in the kitchen, the Tefal Actifry Plus Snacking. This fab gadget looks rather like a deep fat fryer, but cooks chips similarly with just one spoonful of oil!The Actifry products have been available for a while now in the UK, but the part that interested me is the new snacking version now available.
I unpacked the box and discovered a fairly large device inside. We managed to find a spot for it on the kitchen surface near a plug. It had a fair amount of cable to reach the power socket, unlike our toaster which came with a far stinger amount!
Inside the box is the traditional Actifry paddle, or a smart wire basket for snacking goodies. This both fit inside the machine, and are interchangeable. We gave the traditional paddle a try first and made some rather lovely sweet potato fries, they were quicker to cook than the recipe booklet suggested for potato fries, but the handy window on top of the Actifry meant we could easily keep an eye on them. They were lovely, and it was the first time we've tried doing them at home in any form.

Next up I purchased a box of breaded prawns to test out the snacking tray. I lined them up in the tray, possibly a little snuggly but each one had room, and none were doubled up. These we cooked for 12 minutes which followed the instructions on the box which were similar to the prawns in the recipe book that came with the Actifry. They went a lovely golden colour when cooking and we added no extra oil, so it is a healthy way of cooking them too. What impressed me was when we came to test them was how lovely the coating was, golden and crispy, and it meant the prawns were perfect for dipping into Marie Rose sauce. I was very pleased by how they'd cooked and the taste. Interestingly in the tray below the prawns I noticed a few small puddles of oil, which had been released from the prawn’s coating during cooking. They taste like they have been deep fat fried, but these were such a healthier alternative, actually reducing the fat content because of the wire mesh.
I really enjoyed using the Actifry, it is a large appliance, and it is a little noisy as it cooks but after my first two trials I couldn't be happier with the taste, and the obvious health benefits. The snacking tray is a brilliant addition to the device and is something I'm very much looking forward to experiment with. I think chicken nuggets and scampi are up next.
Many thanks to the lovely folks at Ideal World TV for giving me the chance to give the Actifry a try.
The Tefal Actifry + Snacking is available exclusively from
By Cinabar

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Market Deli Pita Chips - Roasted Garlic with Mediterranean herbs @Walkers_crisps [by @NLi10]

While in the Co-Op on the way to a nice long walk I spotted these in the exciting new special offer section.  They are made by Walkers, but they aren't technically crisps.  What they seem like is large sheets of pita bread smashed into edible size pieces after being lovingly roasted and covered in flavour.

They look and feel a bit luxury too - like Kettle Chips - and they are more of an experience than a snack. I know I bring up the fictional dinner party a lot, but these would certainly get served.

While spicy salsa seems a little odd and it feels like they just used the text off the tortilla chips by mistake.  I know these are very Italian themed, but I'd treat these like a poppadom and head straight for the mango chutneys and similar dips.  The texture is great (and I'm not a pita fan) and they crunch and snap really well. The garlic is the main flavour, but it's not overpowering. I'd certainly see these being described as 'more-ish' by guests and the bowl emptying before any of the regular crisps.

Stick this with onion humus and a bit of balsamic and you have the perfect side for a little garden party - even if you don't invite anyone else and just hide behind the shed with a good book.