Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tiger tiger noodles in no time, satay & Thai Green (by @NLi10)

In line with my current quest to find a reasonable lunch alternative that is both satisfying and tasty Tiger Tiger offered to send me their lunch pots.  As I use their products already for cooking at home this was an easy 'yes'.

What arrived was a little different to how I'd pictured. There are two pots - one for wet noodles and one for the flavour bits - and both go in the microwave - no kettles here! Importantly too there is no measuring and it only takes 90 seconds. I tried the Satay variety first.

Here they are freshly nuked - modelled on the apple iTray.

Pouring the little tub into the big tub gets you a soupy mess.

And a good mix later gets you a nice looking snack - that certainly smelt exciting enough to get the lunch room talking.  The flavour was distinct and matched what I thought a satay should be.  There were unexpected bits of peanut and veg which gave the variety in texture that you need to have. Overall this was a total win.

The following day I had my preferred option of the Thai Green - here we see the pots open the correct amount to allow venting and to make sure you don't have to clean the communal microwaves.

Again - they are fairly ordinary when alone...

And when mixed become a meal! I think this one possibly had more bits, and they were all welcome and nice. This one was a bit harder to eat and did flick sauce. I will forgive it though. The flavour was noticeable and not as strong as I'd expected, but very good. At a push I preferred the Satay (fat noodles!), but frankly I'm buying both of these again at the first opportunity.

I was worried these would be a bit hard to pick up and expensive, but I'm assured they are £2 from Asda and Sainsbury's which is perfect. They were filling enough that I didn't feel I needed more, but I'd probably keep crisps on standby. With the £1.75 I save by having these instead of the meal deals at work I can certainly do that!

These are something I will have again. Not as stunning or filling as the Pieminister pots, but fulfilling a different role. At the lighter and more affordable end of the range I don't have to justify the cost having these every day.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Aunt Bessie's Raspberry & Coconut Tarts [By @SpectreUK]

Famous for her Yorkshire Puddings, roast potatoes, and frozen ready meals, Aunt Bessie has recently brought out ginger cakes, carrot cakes and also these Raspberry & Coconut Tarts. Been as though I haven't had a Raspberry & Coconut Tart for years I just had to pop open the box of four tarts and have first bite. Spreading them out 'evenly' between the three of us, as in I took my greedy two tart share and scampered upstairs to eat them on the bed. Yes, this would be the first and most likely last time Cinabar would catch me in bed with a couple of tarts! My justification being that I needed to eat more tarts due to blogging obligations. Once popped out of the foil tray the slim outer pastry melted in my mouth and the tart had a deep filling of coconut with sweet raspberry jam at its base. I found these tarts a really tasty treat, not too sweet, just enough to tantalise my tastebuds and not make me feel too naughty for nicking two of them!

Information on the box;

Each tart contains 203 calories, 11g of fat and 11g of sugar. Ingredients included; see photograph.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Green & Black’s New Thin Salted Caramel (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

Green and Black have released a new range of thin bars, and of course one of the flavours that has launched in this range is Salted Caramel. I spotted it at the supermarket and thought I’d give it a try.
The idea behind the bar being thin is that it melts faster in the mouth, and thus the flavours stand out. I paraphrased that from the text on their website… a sceptical me checked to see if you were getting less chocolate for your money, but their thin bars and their regular bars are both 100g and about the same price.

The pieces of chocolate looked nice and big and I broke myself a square off. There is plenty of flavour packed in, but the mellow creamy chocolate still stood out. I like the chocolate from Green and Black it does have a distinctive taste, starting creamy with just a hint of bitter towards the end. The added flavour comes from caramel with salt crystals packed into the bar. It did actually work well, the sweet and tangy salty flavours were really nice with the chocolate. I did notice the caramel crystals getting stuck in my teeth a couple for times, but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed this bar.
I can’t deny that salted caramel works, it is just it has become so common recently it is hard to get excited by it. This however is a very good example of the flavour combo at its best.
By Cinabar

Monday, 25 May 2015

Doritos Roulette (Waitrose) [By @cinabar] #DoritosRoulette #HotChilli

We watched Eurovision this year with pizza and Doritos, what more could you want for a Saturday night! Obviously being Foodstuff Finds the Doritos were the new variety, Doritos Roulette.
The idea of these Doritos chips is that most are a pleasing cheesey flavour and some are red hot chilli. I've even a lot of "hot" crisps and the one thing that is consistently true is that hot crisps aren't seriously hot. Tangy, spicy, even a little burny but nothing that bad. I poured out some of the Doritos and had a little look to see if I could work out which ones the hot ones were visually. They all looked the same, I couldn't spot which ones I thought would be the chilli ones which meant picking them out really was Roulette. I ate one that looked heavily seasoned and found them to have a tasty nacho cheese flavour, which was seriously good. We had some garlic dip (which came with the pizza) and it was a fab flavour combo. A couple of Doritos later I had what I thought was a hot one, it was warmer than the others but only a bit. I thought it was a bit disappointing. Later I realised that particular chip was just a bit warmer than the others because it had been leaning on an actual hot one. I know this because the next Doritos chip I ate nearly killed me. It wasn't just hot, it was like eating pure liquid fire. It hurt. I got up desperate for water, I went to the fridge and tried to open it but a chilli triggered sneezing fit prevented me. Eventually I slugged some milk back and recovered. Bravely I tried to eat some more, but by my fourth hot crisp I realised they were unbearable and they had beaten me. Spectre happily took the rest of my portion off me, he said he could just about cope with them providing they had a heavy covering of dip, but the sweat on his brow and the pink in his cheeks said otherwise. ;-)
They were fun but dangerous for our Eurovision fuelled feast. Great novelty but Im not sure we buy them again! Congrats to Sweden on winning, fab song but the interactive animation mixed with it had our vote.
By Cinabar

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Conscious Organic Raw Chocolate - Essential Orange [by @NLi10]

We've talked about Conscious Organic Raw Chocolate  previously on FoodStuff Finds and it only lost out due to my hankering for bits in my chocolate.  Otherwise it's some of the nicest chocolate i've tasted and was a big part of me evangelising about raw chocolate's lighter texture.

They appear to be updating the branding...

And the range has certainly expanded to include lots of other exciting and slightly unusual varieties.

The raw chocolate really isn't much to look at, but my goodness it's divine.  As before it's practically melting as you take it out of the packet so liquifies in your mouth - and the flavours are then unleashed.

The orange is quite in line with other luxury chocolates, and doesn't taste artificial nor overpower the cacao.  Restraint will be required to eat this as slowly as it deserves. Another great product in the range.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Guinness Sauce #TheSauceOfGuiness [By @SpectreUK]

I often wash a good steak down with a good pint of Guinness. Brown sauce is also a good complement to a steak, though I rarely find a bottle in the house... HP and Guinness had a popular partnership with their HP Guinness Sauce for a relatively short time. Unfortunately this partnership came to an end, but it didn't mean that was the end of Guinness Sauce, only that incarnation.
This new incarnation has some leanings towards that sauce, but has been produced by AB World Foods in Lancashire for Guinness. I poured a can of Guinness into my beer mug and dolloped a decent blob of this sauce next to my steak and chips. Sort of like a liquid Guinness steak sandwich. I could identify the Guinness Beer in the sauce, especially the barley as it washed around my mouth whilst chewing my succulent steak. There was also a sweetness mixed with the molasses that drew out the flavours in the red meat as well as complemented my chips. There was an almost dark barbecue sauce flavour to this rich Guinness Sauce that reminded me of an American steak sauce that I was lucky enough to sample sometime back. Now we have just the sauce for your steak over here, and I reckon it would go rather well with a rack of ribs or some chicken wings. In fact I'll give it a try with them as soon as I am able. It's a very versatile sauce. Lip-smackingly rich, sweet, tasty and enjoyable by anyone! Cheers!
By Spectre