24 October 2016

Petrifying Pumpkins (Marks & Spencers) By @Cinabar

We had a browse in Marks and Spencer for some Halloween treats and managed to find this huge bag of sharing crisps, with a pumpkin theme. The crisps aren’t actually pumpkin flavoured, they are just cheesy, but the packaging is bright orange and the crisps are shaped like little Petrifying Pumpkins!

We poured some out into a bowl and the first thing to notice is that there are loads of them. It is a very generous portion of pumpkin crisps, the bowl was full and there were still loads more in the bag! The shaping of them is quite good, they are hollow wavy circles, which do look like pumpkins, a bit at least. The colour of the seasoning helps with its orange tinge.
Flavour wise these are very easy to eat. The taste might not be Halloween related, which is a bit disappointing, but they still tasted really good. Come to think of it, what flavour of crisps would work for Halloween? Salted pumpkin, ghost chilli or blood orange (ok, I was struggling).
Anyway the flavour of these Petrifying Pumpkins crisps is a very light and easy going cheese, they are not too musty at all. There is nice bit of salt, that give them the moreish edge. The texture is good too, they are light and crunchy, and very pleasing to munch on. For me they didn’t beat good old Wotsits, as they were quite mild, but I thoroughly enjoyed eating them. Perfect for sharing with a good old spooky movie, particularly as there is plenty to go around.
PS I’ve got it; Vampire warding Garlic flavour crisps!

23 October 2016

Soup of the Day - @BM_AG - Winter Warming Spiced Pumpkin & Sweet Potato (@NLi10)

Museums can be spooky places, so technically I can do a halloween reviews there right?

Especially if they serve up pumpkin on the menu!

As we tend to do when in Birmingham at the weekend we ducked into Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery's Edwardian Tearoom to see what we had on offer.  Here we see the Soup Of The Day is Spiced Pumpkin & Sweet Potato, both things that I love AND packed with nutrition AND a lot warmer than the streets of Birmingham in October.  You also get two little chunks of bread, which initially seemed quite skimpy, but turned out to be spot on.

Here is a case full of scary monkeys - this looks like Tim Burton's toy chest.

And here is the soup!  It's pretty thick and clearly actually contains all the things that you'd expect (Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, and spiciness) and really really good.  It was warm and filling and hit all the right spots.

The breads were also really posh, full of bits of spice and tomato and all kinds of wonderful things.  It tasted like it was freshly made and was probably the highlight of the whole meal.

In combination they were exactly what we needed and set us up for the remainder of the shopping and the bus ride home.

And as long as you can escape from the clutches of Lucifer in the Round Room on the way out then it's well worth a trip away from the shops and into the warmth.

22 October 2016

Brewdog Pumpkin King Beer (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

It’s only polite to take along a bottle with you when you’re on the way to a spooky Halloween party. This cheeky monkey decided to dress up as a pumpkin and take along a bottle of pumpkin flavoured ale courtesy of Brewdog. The bottle suggests listening to the Monster Mash really loud while you drink it, but us humans were not allowed in. I managed to catch the little fellow on his way into the party before the burly many toothed bouncers could grab me. On opening the 330ml bottle I could smell the spices from the pumpkin and zesty hops, as well as the sweet smell of caramel malt. At 5.5% volume this golden brown ale is a taste explosion and not for the faint hearted. Crank up the music and flashing multi-coloured lights as the monster party really starts to kick. Sadly for me, Pumpkin Monkey doesn’t like to share much so I managed to get a quick whiff and a couple of sips before he disappeared into the crowd of tentacles, multi-coloured furry things and far too many eyes! The beer itself has an immediate heavy spiciness from the pumpkin mixed in well with the bitterness and zesty flavours from the hops. There is citrus here by the bucket load, dancing around my pallet with the pumpkin spice, sweetness from the caramel malt and a dash of pale, like a cacophonic crazy party of unusual flavours. This beer is one for celebrating, even if it’s on your own or with friends in front of a scary movie!

21 October 2016

Cadbury Screme Egg Pots of Joy (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

It is actually really fun to have a new dessert that is Halloween themed, and these Cadbury Screme Egg Pots of Joy just looked fab. They are based on the Screme Egg, which is the seasonal version of the Cadbury Creme Egg, but has a green goo coloured centre instead of the usual yolk. This dessert is actually the same, there is already a regular Cadbury Creme Egg Pots of Joy dessert, and this is the same except the yellow yolk layer has been replaced by a green goo coloured layer. The flavour isn’t changed either, the dessert still has the nice mix of chocolate and fondant taste. I guess this is an easy win for Cadbury, just changing a bit of the colour, and giving it a nice seasonal twist. I liked that the dessert did have a good sweet fondant taste, and did go some way to properly replicating the Screme Egg flavour.

I thought the packaging was very bright, and perfect for Halloween. Green is very much the in colour here. I am always weirdly wary of green colourings in food, but this was an okay tone as it wasn’t too bright for me. I’m okay if the food is green flavoured, i.e. lime sweet being green is fine, but just green always feels a bit weird. Guess everyone has their quirks!
Pretty much all the desserts had a best before of 2nd November, so get them while you can!
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