Sunday, 30 August 2015

Tesco Fruit/Veg Crunchy Slices (crisps!) [by @NLi10]

Crisps made out of things that aren't potato are not a new idea - especially if you have been in shops like Holland & Barrett or other health food specialists.  Tesco snuck these into the healthy nuts section of the fruit aisle and so I thought I'd give them a try.

At £1 a bag they are a bit on the steep side for what you get, but what are they actually like?

This is the beetroot, the most earthy of the flavours and the most disliked by the sample panel of people in the IT office. Only me and one other person really liked these, and I left them to finish the bag as the flavour got a bit much.  Nice as an occasional taste I don't think I'll be snacking on these.

Apple is the easy win here - they taste like apple (and lemon) and are sweet and zingy.  Probably the least nutritious of the bunch, but an easy sell for adults and kids alike. 

Sweet Potato was the only other one we've eaten so far (I picked up carrot to take with us in future) and probably the most effective.  It tastes like the real thing, but isn't quite as earthy as the beetroot. I'd buy these again (already have!) but not as a regular snack thing, more as a treat.

So - overall - if you are trying to avoid fried potato snacks then these are a great alternative, but you are probably better off just eating the real fruits or buying a nice big back of unflavoured nuts that are just below these.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

New Galaxy Duet Chocolate Bar (Sainsburys) [By SpectreUK]

This new Galaxy Duet chocolate bar seems to have a foot in two worlds, caramel and shortcake. Whereas one bar has gooey caramel inside waiting to ooze out on biting, the other side that sits right next to it in the packet has chunks of shortcake set within the chocolate. On opening the packet for some reason I was surprised to see the two halves of the chocolate bar joined. They sounded so different in my head that I kind of expected them to be separate. Although when I thought about it would probably be impractical with them bagging into each other in transit in someone’s pocket. I cracked them apart during a break in writing my dissertation, whilst trying not to think of any other chocolate bars that breaktime reminded me of. The two halves gave no indication, to which was which so I took a punt and bit into the one in my right hand, which was filled with soft and sweet gooey caramel. Moving to my left hand was the crunchier shortcake chunks in the Galaxy trademark chocolate. Both pieces tasted great and I have to admit taking it in turns with my bites rather than eating each side separately. It seemed the right thing to do for some reason and I really enjoyed the mixture flavours and textures of crunching one moment and gooey sweet caramel the next. A great treat if you fancy a bit more of a luxury break from whatever mischief you’re up to!

Information on the packet

37g bar has 192 calories with 10.7g of fat and 19.6g of sugar. The ingredients include vegetable fats in addition to cocoa butter, and are suitable for vegetarians.
By Spectre

Friday, 28 August 2015

Walkers Retro Bring Me Back - Beef and Onion / Barbecue [By @Cinabar]

Carrying on with the new flavour from Walkers, I am trying out a couple of the more meaty sounding additions. I have already written about the two cheese flavours, but next up I’ll get stuck into Barbecue and Beef and Onion

I have to admit I like barbecue as a flavour, and as such I was really looking forward to these crisps. The aromas from the bag reminded me of a good quality barbecue dipping sauce. The flavour matched up to this and the sweet and smokey taste worked a treat. These were very moreish, and I can see them getting lots of votes in the competition.

Beef and Onion
Oh the aroma when you open the pack, pure meaty goodness. I have to say the flavour lives up to the scent and these fab crisps taste like they have been dipped in onion gravy. The meaty flavour is rich and strong and the onion aftertaste adds a lovely tang. So far this is the flavour which has appealed the most, this is the flavour that made me want to eat another bag straight afterwards. I think this might be my winner - but we have Lamb and Mint yet to try.
By Cinabar

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Mr. Singh's Punjabi Pesto (Asda) [By @NLi10]

I like odd, versatile products that save me time when cooking - and this week I spotted this.  We love pesto and food from that part of the world so it seemed worth a shot.

Also, while I'm on a health kick it's smart to keep things that I can add to meals floating around (like my go-to Bacon Jam) and I think this may be one that we go back to.

Essentially it's just spicy pesto, but as they have had a good think about the flavours and uses for it you can go that little bit further.  We've tried it with Quorn as a cooking paste which browns up nicely and releases the flavours, and just as a topping for a lazy pasta dish.  I'm yet to mix it into salads but that will certainly happen over the next few days.

There were a couple of flavours, but I wisely chose the lowest chilli rating one. This is just below a Medium on the international Nando's scale of hotness, meaning it's comfortable but certainly warming.  If you want to add a Punjabi kick to meals then this works well, and as you don't, need loads one jar will go a long way.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Walkers Retro Bring Me Back - Cheese and Chive / Toasted Cheese [By @Cinabar]

As mentioned Walkers crisps are re-launching five of their discontinued flavours in order for people to vote for a favourite and bring it back properly. I thought I would start out by trying out two of the cheesy (literally) sounding packs.

Cheese and Chive
I do actually remember these being available, and although they weren’t deemed that special to me at the time, they are ones I ended up missing. The crisps are speckled with chives and had a lovely cheese aroma.
I gave the first crisp a try and it was really tasty. There was a good hint of salt, lots of cheese and that onion like tang from the chive. It ended with a lovely creaminess to the flavour that made it feel more like a cream cheese. I did like these crisps a lot, and the only negativity I have toward them is that there are other alternatives that carry a cheese and chive option. It isn’t that different, its good, but perhaps it isn’t the one.

Toasted Cheese
I don’t remember this flavour being available, but as I do like cheese crisps I thought these sounded quite intriguing. One of my favourite snack food is toasted cheese, usually with a splash of Worcestershire sauce.
These crisps have a golden colour to them and smelt quite strong. The flavour too is strong, a nice deep savoury cheese taste, with maybe the slightest hint of toastedness (right clicked and added to dictionary) in the aftertaste. Again these were nice to eat, but the toasted nature wasn’t as defined as I’d like, so again these felt a bit like regular cheese flavour red crisps.

I’m pretty sure one of the meaty flavour is going to be the one that gets my vote, so keep an eye out for the next reviews.
By Cinabar

Walkers Crisps Retro Bring Me Back New (Old) Flavours [By @Cinabar]

Walkers are re-launching five of their discontinued flavours in order to bring back a retro flavour. The five varieties making a come back are

  • Cheese and Chive
  • Toasted Cheese
  • Lamb and Mint
  • Beef and Onion
  • Barbecue

All five are currently out now so that people can give them a try and vote for their favourite. There is also an on pack competition to win £100,000 so it is definitely worth giving them a taste test and vote.
We will be reviewing all five over the next week or so and letting you know our thoughts.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Sweet Chilli Pork Crunch (Asda) [By @SpectreUK]

I love pork crunch. Have done for years. It’s the perfect crunchy beer snack in a pub when I don’t fancy crisps and my tired old teeth don’t relish chopping through a bag of hard pork scratchings. This Sweet Chilli Pork Crunch by G. Simmons & Sons in Walsall certainly didn’t have far to travel to my eager gob, as I live not a million miles away in Wolverhampton. I like spicy crisps and have had a few chilli pork crunch bags in my time, so this sounded ideal for an accompaniment to lunchtime sandwich. On opening the bag there was a powerful salty tomato and spicy smell to these reddish coloured pork crunch. The pork crunch had a soft crunchiness with a very flavoursome salty tomato flavour with the chilli and ginger spices hitting my tastebuds and light hints of onion and garlic as they washed around my mouth towards the end of each mouthful. Moreish and with a medium chilli heat, they left a tingly burn in my mouth at the end of each pork crunch. Mmm… these were very good indeed. Now where’s my beer?

Information on the bag;

The 30g bags ingredients included; pork rind, salt, flavour enhancer E621, E625, tomato powder, dextrose, cayenne, ginger, acidity regular E262, hydrolysed vegetable protein, garlic powder, onion powder, food colour E160, and spice extracts.
By Spectre
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