24 February 2017

Pejoy Cheese Cake Flavour Biscuit Sticks By @Cinabar

We spotted these Pejoy biscuit sticks in York, from an independent import shop. They didn’t have many Pejoy products, just this and a chocolate version, but as I hadn’t seen the Cheese Cake edition before I had to pick them up.
Unlike Pocky the style of these is that the filling is on the inside of a biscuit tube. Pocky (or Mikado for its UK name) are biscuit sticks which are dipped in a flavoured coating. They always leave one end clear, so that you can pick them up without getting your fingers messy.
I gave one of these Pejoy Cheese Cake sticks a try and found them to be very pleasant, but not quite as exciting as I thought they may have been. The biscuit was firm and crunchy and the filling was creamy, with a good sweet vanilla taste. The filling was soft, but as there was so much biscuit around them the ratio meant the texture felt pretty monotone.
The conclusion is that these are very mildly flavoured biscuits. That makes them easy to snack on, and nice to introduce to people who are new to Pejoy. They just didn’t have the fun of finding a crazy import snack with an interesting flavour. Perhaps I’m being over picky, but these just felt more vanilla and plain that cheese cake.

23 February 2017

Greggsnut Revisited - now nationwide? (By @NLi10)


Way back in 2013 our London correspondent found and reviewed the two flavours of fake cronut that Greggs had made and blighted with the name Greggsnut. Three and a half years later these have made it to Greggs Bromsgrove and I got to try one.

It's a curious arrangement - as those who lived through the initial hype will remember - as basically you make a doughnut out of croissant pastry and glaze it lots of times.  Puddings that take far too much effort to make are certainly in vogue and so this pecan and maple affair is going to get at least some attention.

The problem is that it still tastes like yesterday's croissant covered in icing with a bit of added flavour too.  That's not something worth the £1 asking price when that would get you a couple of fresh today egg custards! It's an experience I, glad that I've had, but not one that I think many English people will enjoy. That said I want to try the fruit flavoured one - and try heating it up bare eating to see if it revives like stale Krispy Kreme do.

22 February 2017

Kettle Veg Chips Honey and Black Pepper Flavour (Waitrose)

These new Veg Chips from Kettle seem familiar to me. When I read what the vegetables were they immediately rang a bell. Sweet Potato, Beetroot, and Parsnip chips were also used in the vegetables for the slightly salty Kettle chips I reviewed back in November. They have now added Honey and Black Pepper as flavouring. On opening the packet there was a slightly sweet and black peppery smell mixed in with the baked vegetable crisps. The parsnip crisps, beetroot crisps and sweet potato crisps looked pretty much the same as the last packet I had, but I could see light sprinklings of pepper on the crisps, mainly the parsnip and sweet potato crisps, as the beetroot were very dark purple. On taste they were pretty much the same as the last vegetable crisps I had. Of course there was more of a honey sweet and mild black pepper taste to the parsnip crisps and the sweet potato crisps, mainly to the parsnip crisps though. The beetroot crisps tasted pretty much the same as before, as they already tasted a little peppery by beetroot's very nature. These were still very tasty and healthy feeling crisps, but with a slightly, and I mean slightly, different taste than the previous lightly salted version.

Information on the packet;
The 125g packet had 522 calories per 100g, with 36.4g of fat, 22.5g of sugar and 1.2g of salt. Please see the photograph for the ingredients, which again have nothing artificial.


21 February 2017

New Doritos HeatBurst - Chipotle Cream and Chilli (@DoritosUK) By @Cinabar

The lovely folks from Doritos sent us a bag of their new “Heatburst” Chipotle Cream and Chilli chips. The idea of this new flavour is that it is a two in one type of product, where the seasoning on the outside of the chip is Chipotle Cream flavoured and the chip itself actually contains the chilli which is released when you bite in.
We opened up the bag and shared some out and the chips looked nicely dusted with a decent amount of seasoning.

The aroma was nice and spicy, and very appealing. Given the nature of these new crisps I decided to start off with giving the chip a tentative lick. The had a lovely rich smokey paprika like flavour, not too hot but with some fab warm tones. Next I decided to chew said chip and that is when the Heatburst kicked in. These new Doritos Heatburst certainly have a kick. The heat is hot and the tingle in my mouth lasted a good few minutes after I’d finished munching.
I tried another one and allowed it lull me into a false security, I let it dissolve on my tongue, giving off its gentler smoky flavour, and then I bit in and allowed the heat to hit. Wow, I have to admit to loving the two toned flavours. It is greta fun and works really well.
The issue can be summarised by remembering that you cannot eat a Dorito without chewing, so the heat burst is inevitable! I’ll certainly be getting them again though, the flavours are fab and the chilli heat is wonderfully moreish.
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