12 February 2023

Cadbury Mini Eggs Flat Choc Bar - revisited! (@NLi10)

 It's back! Last year I failed to find any of the Dairy Milk with Mini Eggs to review - but Cinabar picked one up and was disappointed so I didn't stage a full hunt.

This year I spotted one right away so went for it! Flo approves.

So - what is it? Well it's not really Mini Eggs - it's more the leftovers from when they get all smashed up during manufacturing.

With Micro Mini Egg Inclusions.  Great marketing spin - but as Cinabar explained a little disappointing if that's not what you think going in.  One of my favourite New Cadbury bars was the one with bits of Daim Bar hidden in it so I was willing to give it a go.

Luna is also interested in the ingredients - but mainly I think this wrapper sounds like cat treats.

So far so Cadbury!

It's pretty much like they turned a mini egg inside-out and you've got all the choc with the minimal amount of the shell.  I'm not sure this is traditional Dairy Milk crumb, I'll have to acquire some of that and compare.  I could happily sit and eat this in one or two sittings, which is very unusual for me as I'm more of a 'one square' kinda guy when it comes to choc.

So - if you want Mini Eggs buy mini eggs (the new bigger bags are great) but if you want the taste of mini-eggs in a bar form then this is probably slightly better value and a great tasty snack.  It just lacks the crunch and texture hit of the actual eggs.

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