26 February 2023

Poldhu Beach Cafe Hot Chocolates & Views (@NLi10) @poldhu #Poldhutastic

We are staying in Cornwall for the week and on one of the coastal walk someone suggested that we try the hot chocolates in the bay - this was an unusual suggestion as you can't really do much exciting with a hot choc can you? 

The menu (and the Instagram friendly top pic) suggests otherwise.

They have 5 options (and a hashtag) Reeses, Oreo, Maltesers, Dairy Milk & Mini Eggs

We had a think about what we wanted and took the Papillions for a walk on the lovely beach

This is Pippin, he's a champion and off to Crufts in a fortnight. 

We had two mini eggs ones, and a buttons one.  All heavily loaded and with great quality ingredients - and in cups sturdy enough to withstand the wind and the heat.  The eggs gradually sink through the heavy cream and then melt gently at the bottom for a fantastic variation on a Cadbury Hot-Chocolate. Absolutely divine. 

I also had a bacon bap - less exciting but very necessary.

And got a warm hat with the local name on it (which like Dublin translates to Black Pool!).

We went back to this cove on other days too, but as the hot choc are quite sweet I decided to have another bacon bap and a tea instead.  I'd have loved to try the malty one and the peanuts one given enough time though.  Well worth a detour if you are in the area!

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