20 February 2023

Tango Paradise Punch (Sainsburys) By @cinabar

Tango Paradise Punch

This feels like a very summery new flavour for a soft drink, but I still couldn’t resist buying it even in February. Tango Paradise Punch was presented in a very 90s neon-colored pack that stood out beautifully on the shelf. I wasn’t completely sure what flavour to expect, but I was still looking forward to giving it a try.

The drink is a dark pink, almost red colour, but the flavour is far more golden. It is quite fizzy too, as you would expect from Tango. There is a lot of citrus burst with the taste and a lovely smooth sweet mango mixed in. There's also a berry aftertaste, possibly strawberry, that gives it a nice, sharp finish. I really enjoyed the drink; it has a good flavour combination and is more complex than I expected.

This drink may have a summer vibe, but the pack of cans I bought won’t last me that long. I can just sit inside in a jumper and pretend it is warmer outside than it is.

Tango Paradise Punch

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