5 February 2023

Fry's Vegan food at Iceland - Plant Based Mini Sausage Rolls (@NLi10)

Fry's has long been one of our favourite vegan/veggie brands here on foodstufffinds - and now they are available in Iceland (the UK shop).  And they were on 2 for £4 when I visited so I got a few.  We featured the moon & stars in a previous review.

Here is the main event though - plant based mini sausage rolls!

These are just a box of normal sausage rolls, that happen to also be vegan

You get a dozen in these new smaller boxes (I'm sure you used to get more)  and really like most home-bake sausage rolls I think that painting the top with milk or similar vegan substance would have made them more golden.

But they still look pretty good, and certainly beat the meaty alternatives in so many ways.  The pastry is bafflingly good, and so so crispy. If my oven was better at holding the heat I think these would rise a lot more evenly too.

The insides are the standard Fry's range vegan sausage mix with a good blend of textures and veg and grain to produce something that really is a great part of my favourite Vegan range.

From something I discovered years ago due to a special offer at Ocado through now to the mainstream I hope Fry's is a brand that sticks around for years to come, and continues to increase in diversity and quality to suit the needs of the casual snacker.

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