10 February 2023

Snickers Berry Whip (Candy Mail) By @cinabar

Snickers Berry Whip

I don’t think I have ever eaten a Snickers and thought, "This needs strawberry," but here we are because somebody did. This Snickers Berry Whip is an import from India, although it is called "berry whip," the picture is very much that of strawberries, and the packaging is very pink.

I opened up the wrapper, and, as with a lot of imported Snickers and Mars chocolate bars, I noticed how much smaller they were than the UK versions. I gave the bar a try, and the strawberry taste was lovely and prominent; it was like strawberry cream with peanut. It's not an obvious pairing, but it was a fruity delight to eat. The textures from the nuts, the sweet tones of the milk chocolate, and the berry were a lovely combination.

I may not have thought Snickers were missing a strawberry flavour but it turns out it does work. I was rather impressed by this Snickers Berry Whip and would definitely buy it again. Also, it is quite a cute stocking filler for Valentine's Day if you know someone who likes things that are a little bit different.

Snickers Berry Whip

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