23 February 2023

Milka Tender Cow & Bournville Cadbury Fingers (@NLi10)

We are in Cornwall this week so I took some snacks for the trip!

First up is the Milka Tender Cow - which is a childish chocolate chip cake thing - and in reality it looks like this:

Horror Cow! Tasty though - and as they are individually sealed they are very good for travel and tasty too. A win,

We also saw some Bournville fingers (and the Mini Egg Choc bars) in the local shop.

These are tiny and disappointing - not enough of the chocolate and the Cadbury biscuit centre just isn't as exciting as it once was - not great.

We are exploring the local shops and cafes so expect a Cornucopia of Cornish Snacks.



Andrew Winton said...

Years ago the biscuit in Cadbury Fingers was made by Burtons Biscuits but Mondelez no longer work with Burtons and the biscuit is just a generic biscuit now. Not as good I don't think. The Cadbury white fingers are still really nice though.

NLi10 said...

Thanks Andrew - That certainly explains it! The white chocolate ones are good, but they probably have enough sweetness to overcome the newer thinner chocolate coating.

I bet Burtons biscuits have a similar thing I could try...