25 February 2023

Madri Excepcional Beer (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Madri Excepcional Beer

I seem to have been out of the British pub scene for quite a while, apparently this Madri Excepcional is everywhere, or so I was told when I looked it up on a popular search engine. Brewed in Britain this 4.6% in volume big red bottle of lager was produced from a collaboration between a brewery just outside of Madrid, in Spain, called La Sagra which was bought out some years back by Molson Coors, who produce beers such as Carling, Blue Moon and Coors Light.

This Madri Excepcional is supposed to capture the essence of the 'soul of Madrid', or 'El Alma De Madrid', and to help it along the way they have added a Chulapo to the front of the bottle. Chulapos are a tradition from the nineteenth century of smartly dressed men who represent their neighbourhoods in Spain.

On opening the bottle there was a pleasant wheaty aroma, with a little herbal hops and sweet malted barley. This deep golden Madri Excepcional had a strong taste of wheat to start with, and was not too belly burping bubbly. It had that yeastiness that comes with some lagers, which isn't all that unpleasant, but it was definitely present. That yeastiness was closely followed by a mild herbal hops and then sweet malted barley into the aftertaste.

I can see why this is such a popular lager. Madri Excepcional is a taste sensation, flavoursome to the max, and not overly bubbly like some mass produced lagers. This big red bottle of lager should definitely be proud of the neighbourhood it represents.

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