18 February 2023

Virginia Chess Pie Beer (The Wee Beer Shop @WeeBeerShop) By @SpectreUK

Virginia Chess Pie Beer

The name Virginia Chess Pie comes from the Southern accent for when they say 'chest', as in a pie made with anything in your chest, or pantry at the time. Generally sweet and custardy, a Virginia Chess Pie sounds just like something I wouldn't mind trying at some point. I had never heard of it until Cinabar bought this pastry stout from our friend up in Scotland.

12.1% in volume, Virginia Chess Pie stout was brewed by local innovators in partnership with Brouwerij Kees. Produced with a variety of malts, such as Pale Ale and Marris Otter, and then a few I hadn't heard of or at least couldn't find much information on; Haver, Cara, Zwart and Chocola. Both vanilla and lemon were also added in the brewing.

Feeling a bit lost on some of the ingredients, I wasn't sure what to expect from this pastry stout, so I figured it was probably more of a pudding beer. On opening the can, this Virginia Chess Pie pastry stout had a chocolate and creamy vanilla smell, with a little spiciness and herbal hops at the back of the aroma.

On taste this beer tasted reminiscent of a chocolate liquor stout. Creamy to the extreme, and chocolaty to the max, the innovators at Brouwerij Kees excelled themselves on this one. I felt the warmth of the alcohol in this pastry stout flow right down my throat. This jet black beer had a light pale malt flavour just lying underneath all that chocolate goodness, just to remind me that this was actually a stout I was drinking, and a good one at that. The vanilla added further creaminess, with an edge of citrus bitterness, and a touch of herbs and spices to add more warmth. Gorgeous, perfect last thing on a dark stormy night to send me off to cosy bed. Night night.

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