2 February 2023

Frozen Pickled Onion Space Raiders - Iceland (@NLi10)

 One of my recent Iceland pick-ups was these wonderful potato sides - themed around cool 80s Crisps Space Raiders.  They are potato with a little hint of pickled onion, unlike the massively overpowering crisps.

They come in lovely big bags, and look like alien faces.

Featured in the top right corner - the halloumi cubes from Iceland's Chiquitos range.

And Iceland also now sell Fry's range too - including some other space themed things for kids!

Super veggie friendly, and healthy too!

Well - it is a festival of beige - but in theory it's all easy to cook and better than a lot of the equivalents.

The space raider faces are like really light onion rings, and have the texture of the potato equivalents. All enjoyable, and simple to do.

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