12 March 2023

Burts Crisps at the Zoo - and animals too! (@NLi10) @PaigntonZoo

 I do like a trip to proper zoos, the ones that are focused on conservation and animal welfare but allow us in to help keep things running.  Paignton Zoo definitely fits the bill with all it's twisty turns and hidden canyons with animals in them - it really is the ideal site!

It does have a few wild animals joining in too (we saw the Heron).

The Gorilla was having a bad day so we kept quiet and looked at the baby Orangutan instead

The giraffes were pretty chilled out - and happy to show off.

The Red Pandas were very active and had a little play-fight for our amusement.

And someone had even put out wormies for the gulls.  Possibly even the keepers to make sure they had preferable alternatives to the school trip's packed-lunches

We'd had a big breakfast (Torquay Hotels are very generous there) so only needed a few teas and crisps to see us through to dinner - and we both opted for Burts.

As we'd left Cornwall for Devon I'd not really thought about these been local produce, but they are - Made With Care In Devon!  With money going to the lifeboats and traceable 'roots' for the grower and cooker it helps to make these a little more personable than standard crisps and it's nice to see the Zoo supporting other local businesses.

The gulls were keen too - but I know better than to encourage these lovely specimens to want to eat my things so I didn't lay them out on the table for pictures.

The crisps were great - well cooked and flavoured and the bag was a nice portion (but I am a fan of sharing bags just for me).  All in all we had a great day and I could happily have spent double the time just sitting watching the animals doing their things.  Fantastic place.


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