10 March 2023

Lemon & White Chocolate Hot Cross Buns (Asda) By @cinabar

Lemon & White Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

I’m not sure what the exact definition of a Hot Cross Bun is, but if I had to guess, it would be a sweet bread bun marked with a cross and flavoured with fruit and spices. Many supermarkets take a side step and keep the cross and the shape but change the flavours about. Here we have Lemon & White Chocolate Hot Cross Buns from Asda; no spices and no raisins are in the recipe.

The buns do look lovely in the pack, they are a decent size and look quite fluffy. We split them and toasted them, which wasn’t that easy given that they are quite big and fluffy. We have a wide toaster, and we still struggled. After adding a bit of butter, we gave them the taste test, and they were a success. The lemon taste is fairly delicate but still present and fresh, and the white chocolate gave them a sweet, creamy edge after each bite. The flavour reminded me a bit of lemon icing like you might get on a drizzle cake, just that there wasn’t too much of it. I like the Lemon & White Chocolate Hot Cross Buns, they might not be traditional, but they are tasty. Perfect if you aren’t a fan of raisins but still want in on the Easter tradition.

Lemon & White Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

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