18 March 2023

Restless World West Coast Pale Ale (Wee Beer Shop @WeeBeerShop) By @SpectreUK

Restless World West Coast Pale Ale

Restless World constantly moving, constantly learning, constantly changing. The leopard never changes his spots is a myth. We all change everyday, learn more about life and how to tackle the hard times, love and savour those moments that are precious in our memories, trying not to dwell on those hard times, but that's even harder. We try to improve our minds, our bodies, our outlooks on love and life and grow through our time here. One life, constantly moving, constantly shifting in a Restless World.

This Restless World right before me is a West Coast Pale ale from Elusive Brewing. At 4.5% in volume it's ram packed full of hops, from Yakima, Citra, Chinook, Simcoe, and Columbus. There should be quite a citrus bitterness to this pale ale, with smoky, herbal and pine notes, and I'm hoping for a little sweetness from the malts and a little spice, as we all do in our Restless World.

On opening the can there was an excited jumble of aromas bursting out, with citrus and herbal hops, and the sweetness of pale malt in the background. On taste this deep golden murky pint had a sharp bite of herbal hops cutting through all that citrus, and then smokiness, as well as that spiciness I was hoping for followed closely by pine notes and sweet pale malt to finish off into the aftertaste. Restless World certainly had an ever moving palate of flavours throughout each mouthful. As life itself, this Restless World is ever moving, ever changing and never dull.

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