2 March 2023

Trenance Chocolate - Factory & Chocolate Cornish Pasties (@NLi10) @TrenanceChoc

Chocolate is weird and versatile stuff. 

First in a series of two tales of Cornish Chocolate is this one - the humble Cornish Pasty but rendered into chocolate form by luxury chocolatiers Trenance Choc

We found this place as part of a little artists village - literally walking distance from our Cornish holiday cottage, near Lizard Point.

It's totally geared up for the high-season of the summer and has a café, factory viewing area and a well stocked shop.

The puny human brain isn't equipped to make rational decisions when presented with this much chocolate.  I wanted a bag of dinosaurs (obviously) but as they didn't have all three blends of chocolate I settled for sea creatures, some orange buttons - and a top tourist magnet - the chocolate Cornish Pasty.

Clearly designed to be given to relatives on your return but I cracked them open back in the cottage.

Wonderfully presented and with lots of little quirks like the grandmas on the box to tickle the brain.  This is souvenir perfection, should have bought a spare.

And they actually match the illustration as demonstrated at the top (with the only one that made it back to Birmingham!)

At the end of the day this is just top quality Milk chocolate though in a variety of entertaining shapes.  Like people need encouragement to eat chocolate!

Here are the buttons and shells.

It was the first shop of the holiday where every couple bought something - and we all got different things for different reasons, and they were basically all just good chocolate.  Selling chocolate to people who practically live next to the Cadbury factory though is pretty impressive!

The dark was a little darker, the white was very sweet, and the orange was the white with flavour and colour added.  Very enjoyable all round, including the lovely café, and the chocolate was a fair price for the quality. 

It's always well worth a visit to these little outlets - the art shop next door had some fabulous things to resist and there were other shops for other creative pursuits.   And we had lots of sweet things to sustain us on our long dog walks over the week.

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