1 March 2023

Nestle Milky Bar Krackle (Candy Mail) By @SpectreUK

Nestle Milky Bar Krackle

I have loved Nestle Milky Bars since I was a small child. Milky Bars' creaminess and unique flavour are still an easy match for any other white chocolate bars on the market in my opinion. At first when Cinabar showed me this Nestle Milky Bar Krackle I thought it was filled with popping candy. I'm not sure how that would work, as it may distract a little from the creaminess of the white chocolate. And then I noticed that this Krackle was filled with Crisped Rice. So, calming down a little, I dived straight in.

There was a pretty bubbly effect of the rice on the bottom of the white chocolate bar, and the top of the bar was neat and smart rectangular blocks with Nestle on the top of each one. On taste this Nestle Milky Bar Krackle had a decent crunch to it, with the Crisped Rice providing the crunchiness, and the creamy Milky Bar white chocolate melted in my mouth with each bite. This Nestle Milky Bar Krackle was a gorgeous treat. Perfect with a white hot chocolate drink and or a tub of low calorie vanilla ice cream.

Information on the wrapper; The 80g bar contained 434 calories, with 13g of sugar per 4 cubes, and with 7g of fat and 27mg of sodium. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Nestle Milky Bar Krackle

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