11 March 2023

Dairyfreak Milk Ice Porter (The Wee Beer Shop @WeeBeerShop) By @SpectreUK

Dairyfreak Milk Ice Porter

Well, it's been snowing off and on here, so I fancy a beer that's wholesome, dark and creamy to go with my steak and chips. At 5.2% in volume Dairyfreak Milk Ice Porter should fit the bill. I generally love a good stout, especially a milk stout with a steak meal, but a Porter also has its advantages. Often they taste of roasted chocolate and coffee. We'll just have to see about this one.

Made by Magic Rock Brewing and Dixon Milk Ices themed, this dark milky Porter should not only go well with my steak and Smilie Faces meal, but should also go with some lemon white chocolate hot cross buns, vanilla ice cream and a couple of Cadbury's White Chocolate Creme Eggs for afters. Yes, I've been saving up my calories again to blow them mostly on my pudding. Often a dirty trick for dieters, I have a fairly naughty habit of having low calorie healthy lunches and dinners, then a huge packet of biscuits and a tub of low calorie ice cream for pudding. Cinabar says that a Dietitian somewhere dies each time I do it, which is quite often really.

On opening the can there was a deep rich roasted chocolate malt aroma, with a touch of coffee. Good start. That's what I wanted with my steak meal. Now I better go and find out my brown sauce for dipping, and pour my beer in a glass for drinking.

Almost black in colour this Dairyfreak Milk Ice Porter had a keen fizz and a chunky creamy head on pouring. Rich in flavour and pretty boozy, the roasted chocolate malt sprang to the fore as the first mouthful washed around my palate. A little coffee followed the boozy flavours and then the wholesome thickness of oats, with creaminess from the milk flavours combining with that booziness into the aftertaste.

Almost with a lean to chocolate liquor, this deep rich, chocolatey and creamy Dairyfreak Milk Ice Porter, washed my steak meal down brilliantly, and set me up for more creamy treats for pudding. Cheers.

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