19 March 2023

Is THIS the best vegan (streaky) bacon ever? (@NLi10)

We like bacon here - I even have a PhD in Bacon Theology - but it’s important to represent all three of the strands, regular, turkey and plant.  Today we are looking at the latest and greatest vegan bacon so far.  THIS (the brand) have made real strides in updating their bacon range from the lovely fish-strips that we’ve bought a lot of to this which at least looks like bacon too.

The package explains they’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this - and it shows.

It’s glistening and feels a bit like meat - I instinctively wanted to keep washing my hands.

And I fried it up in the lovely coconut oil

And it crisped up nicely

So I found some lovely spicy paratha out of the freezer and zapped those too.

So I had bacon ish pancakes ish for dinner

And it held up quite well. The bacon has a varied texture (the main problem of the last one) actually bubbles and fried like you’d expect and tasted like bacon usually tastes. We will certainly be having these again - although they are far too realistic for my veggie partner!

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