26 March 2023

Cofresh Punjabi Samosas and Garlic Naan at home (@NLi10)

I live in an area with loads of Asian people - which means that even our local supermarkets have great options to try - for Eid, or just because its raining and the take-away is far.

Here we have a couple of Cofresh things - they make loads of great crisps so lets give their real food a try.

I've never had oven baked samosa before - traditionally they are fried - but I figured that it'd be healthier.

And of course we used authentic sauce. Oh. I had authentic sauces but only the milder ones and I figured that with the spicy (oh boy were they spicy) samosa that I needed a hot sauce to stand a chance.  This was only English strength hot though so was pretty medium in the end. Nice though (and on special!)

So here we have Quorn, peas & sauce, with the samosa and the garlic naan.  I think the naan needed a little longer, but was almost as soft and flavoursome as the ones that I get from my local High Street (4 for a £1) - a win!

The Samosa as mentioned before were really potent, and smaller than the fresh ones that we buy by the box for work.  I liked it like this, you can have too much potato, and the balance of crispiness to heat was great.  They burnt a little (my oven is terrible for evenness of heat) but were still great.

Overall much nicer than the pre-made takeway at home kits and the rest can sit in the freezer until needed (along with my paratha collection).

Ramadan Mubarak everyone!

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