9 March 2023

The most Southernly Snacks in the most Southernly Café in Britain! (@NLi10)

We have reached the end of the Cornwall portion of our holiday - but not without a trip down to Lizard point - which was walkable from our cottage (but would have taken 2 hours due to all the ups and downs that coastal paths are known for). 

Fortunately all tourist hot-spots are well catered for (even in Feb) and are a lot quieter at this time of year - it really is ideal.

Still pretty too!

And the seals don't mind the cold.  They are a little hard to see without zooming in, but they are just snoozing in the bays and if you know where to look they will pop up every now and then.

Easier to see them on the murals in the cafe to be fair!

But look at that view!

We had a teacake, and I chose a doughnut as I'd had scones the day before (see below as a bonus) and it looked pretty home-made which was a surprise and super cool.  When you have the 'Most Southern Cafe In England' you don't really need to serve top-notch food, but they clearly have done and had I known about this place I'd have got the bus down for lunch earlier in the week too.  Just have to go back to Cornwall soon!

I picked up fresh scones on day 1 of the holiday but it was the last but one day when I found a suitable Jam in the local supermarket

And I finished the final evening with Cornish Style scones.  I did mean to do the reverse in Devon when we got there but it's a bit harder in a hotel.

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