8 January 2012

Branston: Cheese And Pickle Peanuts & Crackers (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

Well this is a slightly complex sounding snack product. Firstly take some peanuts and flavour them with Branston pickle, which is odd enough on its own if you think about. Peanuts are regularly salted, and sometimes come with chilli but I’ve never seen them flavoured with pickle before! That on its own would be interesting enough for a new product but Branston went a stage further. The folks at pickle headquarters must have thought to themselves that it is cheese that Branston pickle goes so well with, so they added a mix of cheese flavoured crackers in the bag for good measure!
I poured some of these nuts onto a plate and had a look. I would say that the contents were about three quarters peanuts and one quarter crackers. I decided to start with a nut which had a dark dusting of seasoning. The peanut flavour shone through, and the pickle flavour was surprisingly sweet but with a nice tang of spice. I’d say it was a fair representation of the pickle and that it worked with the nut taste. The more I munched the peanuts the warmer the flavours became and gently heated up my mouth. The crackers were quite light bits of biscuit, with just a hint of cheese. They were quite distinct within themselves, but when combined with the peanuts the cheese taste became a bit more lost.
I have to say that I totally enjoyed these nuts, and they were good to snack on. The cheese biscuits in the bag had a novelty factor, and were certainly a nice idea, but they didn’t work as well with the nuts as I’d hoped. Personally I’d be rather happy to munch on just the Branston peanuts as they were a quality new taste experience. I hope these are around for a bit, and aren’t just part of the Christmas snack selection, as I think I’ll be off to buy another bag.
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your review of these branston nuts & crackers thank you, alan

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