18 January 2012

Fig Newtons (American Soda @americansoda) [By @SpectreUK]

These Fig Newtons are cookies (or biscuits to us Brits) with a fig centre, and were made in Mexico by Nabisco, for Kraft Foods. The 226g box had sixteen biscuits inside it. Two biscuits were considered a serving size, which was 110 calories. The fig biscuit’s ingredients included; figs (bit strange if they didn’t), wheat flour, milk, soy, sulfites, baking soda and sugar. On opening the box and tearing open the biscuit’s plastic wrapper, there was a strong and gorgeous smell like cookie dough (er… biscuit dough?) mixed with fig. I mentioned to Cinabar at the time that I could have quite happily breathed in that smell all day. It was a heavenly newly cooked fig biscuit smell that could easily be used as an air freshener. I have never understood why air fresheners generally have a strong flowery or fruity smell that doesn’t truly cover up a stink (whatever it is…), but rather adds to it, creating an all together new chokingly fruity flowery stench of doom that could have without doubt been used in trench warfare…

Anyway, these biscuits have a very soft and slightly crumbly outer biscuit that had a very mild wheat flour flavour with a hint of soy. The main flavour of the biscuit concentrated almost entirely on the juicy fig wrapped inside, which shined through ecstatically. There was a moistness that some dryer biscuits on the market don’t have, giving these fig biscuits a fresh chewy texture and whetting the palate, willing you to have just one more… and then another, and another. With the knowledge that I could have effortlessly pigged out and eaten the whole sixteen biscuits in one sitting, I decided to be controlled when eating these imported biscuits, savouring their taste and only having a few each day. I’ve always raved about how Sainsbury’s own fig rolls are the best fig biscuits on the market (and trust me, they are really good), but Fig Newtons had a soft sumptuous luxury feel to them, pushing Sainsbury’s fig rolls to second best and dwarfing Jacob’s hardened biscuit fig rolls. I must get some more of these Fig Newtons sometime soon. Once you find something so good, you just have to indulge… Well, you just have to!
By Spectre
Want your own Fig Newtons? They are available here!


S.Emerald said...

I used to eat these when I was younger. They're pretty good, but I prefer the filling to the "crust". I think they come in another flavour.

bob said...

I'd be more than happy to set up a biccie exchange, if you could send some Custard & Jam Dodgers and the new Toffee ones.