9 January 2012

The Dormen Savouries: Indian Korma Flavour Snacks (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

If I was to start writing this and say that these ‘snacks’ are mainly made of lentils, you’d probably wouldn’t be that excited. Snacking and lentils don’t sound like they would go together, but as it turns out they really do.
Despite the main ingredient the base of these snacks are like a light and crispy Quaver in texture. You wouldn’t notice the lack of potato at all unless you read the ingredients list (like me). They seem to dissolve after the initial crunch and blend away pleasantly as you eat. The best part is the taste, as it so closely represents the intended curry flavour. The crisps have an amazingly creamy, but mild spiced flavour. There is plenty of seasoning with Cumin and Coriander seeping through, and then there is the gentlest heat from a little chilli just to give that authentic curry taste. The aftertaste is what makes them though, as it is a smooth flavour which is buttery with coconut that just finishes the taste and leaves you with an amazing desire to crunch into another!
They may well be mild, but don’t for a minute think they aren’t full flavoured. I was very impressed by just how closely they recreated the Korma taste, and absolutely loved every one of them. By the time you’ve finished the bag you won’t be worry about the lentil base, you’ll be worrying that you don’t have another pack in the house!
By Cinabar

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