3 January 2012

Tassimo – Twinings Chai Latte [@tassimo] [By @Cinabar]

I don’t intend to review every tea, coffee and hot chocolate available for the Tassimo machine, but it is a new toy in our house and so has got my interest up. Like the Milka hot chocolate, this drink was also too exciting to pass up!
One of my favourite drinks is spiced tea, and I thought I’d test out how the new Tassimo machine does things, it is actually the first tea I’ve tried in it. I popped the discs in and waited for my drink to arrive. The Tassimo uses a milk disc to mix up this tea, which may seem a bit unusual but is actually the more traditional method with spiced teas in India.
As you can see from the picture, the tea looked very pretty once it was made, with plenty of milk but a good warmth in the colour and a clever two-layer effect. The drink smelt aromatic with a lovely hint of cinnamon and spices, bringing a little slice of the exotic to the Foodstuff Finds kitchen.
The flavour was impressive, although there was plenty of spice, and it was fine for my taste buds, Spectre would have brewed his a bit longer had there been the option. He is the kind of guy who will leave tea bag in so long that you think that he was making tar not tea and the teaspoon can practically free stand in the middle!
I felt that the spices and the creamy milk made more of a soothing drink, with the cloves and star anise tickling the taste buds with the playful cinnamon. It’s a perfect comforting drink for a cold winter evening, with its warming fragrant spices and creamy taste.
Sweetness was something I thought might be an issue, I have one teaspoon’s worth in my cuppa, but Spectre thinks this is sacrilege and doesn’t touch the stuff. The Chai Latte seemed to be okay for both of us, without any addition of sugar from me which leads me to believe there is a tiny bit of sugar already in the brew, but only a very small amount. This is another product I will be buying again, as it is so different from the other drinks on offer for the machine. It is also the only one Spectre has tried as he is a little adverse to coffee and I haven’t yet tempted him with barista skills (which admittedly do consist of just pressing a button).
If you don’t have a Tassimo machine but like the idea of drinking Chai, I should point out that you can buy Twinings Chai tea bags from most big supermarkets. If you are tempted to buy a Tassimo machine, there are some great offer on Idealo at the minute.
By Cinabar


S.Emerald said...

I've never had Chai before, but this looks like it's worth a try:)

cinabar said...

Oh do give it a try, such a warming drink, especially in bad weather. :-)

Mark said...

The new chai latte is horrible its now all in one capsule so has powdered milk they have really spoilt it it was my favourite tea but it totally changed the taste,was far better with milk :-(