13 January 2012

Cadbury Wispa Gold [It’s back and it’s permanently!] (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

Wispa Gold is one of my favourite chocolate bars of all time. It has had an uneasy past, being discontinued, then brought back for a short period of time and then discontinued again. I’m pleased to say it has now been brought back to the shops as part of the permanent range. I’m not sure what permanent means to chocolate bar manufacturers, but it certainly sounds hopefully that it will be around for a while yet! I get the impression that someone at Cadbury HQ saw the Olympic tie-in of gold medals and gold chocolate and gave this bar a new lease of life due to the name.
The bar is actually slightly different to its last release, but only subtly so. The biggest difference I spotted was that on the old bar (in its last incarnation), one end always had a large section of bubbly chocolate before you got to the caramel bit. This meant that if you bit in at the wrong end you could be fooled into thinking you were eating a regular Wispa, as the caramel wouldn’t be revealed until the second bite. I have tried a couple of these new ones and can confirm that there is no such issue with this new variation and that the caramel goes all the way through!
The chocolate is as you would expect, and is the usual sweet creamy stuff from Cadbury, formed into soft bubbles so it gives willing when you bite in. The caramel is super gooey and oozes pleasingly as you work your way through the bar. It is a flavoursome filling and Cadbury do always seem to hit the right note when it comes to caramel. The fabulous golden concoction in the centre makes this bar, that and the rich chocolate just work together in perfect harmony. A sweet treat that has a good mix of textures and the perfect caramel chocolate ratio.
I would like to say a big Foodstuff Finds welcome back to Wispa Gold, and may it be with us forever more! ;-)
By Cinabar

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Rodzilla said...

so glad this is back, hopefully I can finally get one