19 January 2012

Sobe V Water - Glow, Pomegranate & Blueberry Flavour (Tesco) [by @NLi10]

Usually when I pick up multiple flavours of the same drink I do a joint review, but this one is a bit different so will come in two parts. This is part 1 & part 2 will be up Sunday.

I happened to be out and looking for a drink to take with me to a games night (which turned out to be a venue that didn't want you to bring your own drinks...) and saw this Sobe V Water drink. It had geckos on the bottle and contained pomegranate, it was also on a buy two for a bit more than one offer in Tesco so I picked up a second flavour too.

As mentioned I didn't get to drink it on that day, but as the photo shows I got chance to drink it while out shopping the following day. I'd not really thought about the prominence of the word water in the name and so was very surprised by the weakness of the flavour. Not only could I not tell that it was pomegranate or blueberry but I think I'd have struggled to guess even close if it wasn't for the colour. It tastes like when you've had a nice bottle of Ribena and then reused the bottle without washing it by filling it up from a tap. Except the Ribena flavour would probably still be stronger.

It was certainly refreshing, and I didn't really put the 'glow' part to the test as my brain refused to believe that something so mild in flavour would have medicinal properties. If you want something that is one step above water in the flavour department and is fairly expensive for what it does then try this out! I think there is probably a market for refreshing things with a sporty edge that you can just drink large quantities of like Lucozade Light and other non-sugar sports drinks but I'd need a bit more oomph in the taste department.
By NLi10

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