15 January 2012

Lychee Flake Pocky, Glico [By @NLi10]

At the end of last week's review I remarked how similar the Mango Pocky Mouse was in taste to the Lychee Pocky and stated that I should try them together to see the similarities. I hadn't realised at that point that I hadn't actually reviewed the Lychee Pocky (but had eaten a few of the boxes!) so that should be the next one to write up. I also had a Thai red curry with Lychees in from Ma Ma Thai last night so it's been a very lychee week.

Lychee is one of those odd fruits that doesn't seem to crop up that often in UK foods. It's very sweet and fragrant and hides in a soft red shell and has a hard stone in the centre. It also looks a little like an eyeball. One of the most palatable ways to try a lychee flavour is to get the Rubikon Lychee juice drink from the Caribbean section of your local supermarket. This really does taste like the real thing.

This tastes similar, but with the emphasis on the cream for the deluxe Pocky style the taste is a little richer than normal and consequently this is a snacking Pocky rather than a consume the whole box in one sitting thing. Also this is Thai Pocky where as the Mouse is Japanese Pocky. The flavours vary but the essential experience remains the same.

As this has actual flakes of dried lychee on the sticks they are a little crunchier than you'd expect and the flavour has a sharper edge similar to the blueberry or dried strawberry varieties. Directly compared to the mango there are indeed similarieites, but the lychee flakes mean that after a few bites this is the more lychee experience. The mango flavour is still suspicious but when directly compared there is more of a mango hint and the lychee is maybe more of an aftertaste.

Lychee Pocky is one of the great summer flavours and one I've been happy to pick up and munch on for a good while.
By NLi10

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