20 January 2012

Kit Kat Chunky Double Choc (By @Cinabar)

Let me start by sharing some fantastic news – Kit Kat have launched four new limited edition Chunky bars! The most popular of which will be added to the permanent range! Its popularity will be based on an online vote on their facebook site, so after you’ve tasted the bars – vote for your favourite there.

The four new bars are pictured above, but just to clarify they are:
  • Double Choc
  • Orange
  • White Choc
  • Peanut Butter!!!
First up though we have:

Double Choc

As far as flavours go, this one probable sounded the least diverse in the selection. I don’t mean to be unnecessarily negative towards the bar before I begin, but as an addition to the permanent selection I think I’d prefer something a little bit more different.
I pulled back the wrapper and found that the large stick of Kit Kat was marked into three pieces. I broke one piece off, which was still quite a hard task. It took more pressure than expected to snap and it felt wonderfully substantial. Once open I saw that some of the wafer had been replaced by a layer of thick chocolate fondant that looked quite dark. My first thought was that I had hoped that the wafer would have been chocolaty too, but I guess that would have made it a triple chocolate bar!
I bit in and have to say the layer of extra chocolate did make this a seriously indulgent Kit Kat. The cocoa tones fill the senses and the huge wafer gives it a very satisfying feel. The extra chocolate worked like a dream, and actually impressed me.
I would find it impossible to say anything bad about this Kit Kat Double Choc as it just tasted so darn nice. The chocolate layer gave it an edge on a regular Kit Kat Chunky, and to say that I originally felt this bar sounded the least interesting I now have to confess to liking the extra chocolate and the difference it made. I still have that thought in my head though about there being a real chance to get Kit Kat Chunky that adds some proper variety to the brand, and as much as I enjoyed this bar, I’m not sure it is different enough for me to get excited at voting it in as the permanent member to the range. I will however wait till I’ve tried all four before I make any decisions on where to place my vote.
The write-ups of the other three bars will follow shortly, and if this one is anything to go by, I am rather looking forward to tucking in!
Have you tried the bars yet? What do you think? Which one will be getting your vote?
By Cinabar


Avia Art said...

Peanut Butter & Orange my faves.

Lot-O-Choc said...

I think the double choc would be the most boring one; i hope it doesnt win..i used to love the peanut butter one..hope they bring that back.

Nope. said...
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cinabar said...

I have been voting for the peanut butter one each day!! *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

I can't say I'd be too much a fan of the Kit-Kat orange flavor, but the rest look pretty delectable. If I were able to vote, I'd probably go with Peanut Butter. It just looks so appetizing, and we all know you can't go wrong with a Peanut Butter combination! =)

Anyway, good review! I'll be looking forward to more on this blog.

nicolawatson95 said...

Where can i buy and try these flavours!!???

cinabar said...

Supermarkets seem the best bet - and corner shops... they are quite hard to hunt down, so I hope you find them.